View Full Version : Nicotine Withdrawals & Brain Fog

03-18-14, 10:59 PM
Hi guys,

I'm in the process of quitting smoking after about 6 years on and off (more on than off). I had my last smoke on Sunday evening and it is now Wednesday afternoon.

The cravings have been manageable but the cognitive dysfunction (aka brain fog) is just killing me. It is like my ADD has increased 10 fold. I literally can't concentrate at all, my memory is awful, and my thoughts are just completely scrambled. I feel like I'm completely fried.

The worst part is that my ADD meds aren't helping, and could potentially be making it worse. I've taken regular dex and also vyvanse and both have made the symptoms worse which is very strange.

Does anybody have any experience with what I have described? Is anyone able to give me a rough estimate as to how long these cognitive impairments might last because they are completely debilitating. I have so much stuff I need to do (like find a job) but can't do anything in this state.

Much appreciated,


03-19-14, 05:50 AM
The first month is the hardest. all you really want is sleep and to be left alone while you go through it then that would be best. You will feel agitated,irritable and b *tchy for a week or two and terribly fatigued. Think about it. You are taking away a chemical that your brain loved to have! What I believe is the hardest part is the mental obsession and oral fixation. You may find yourself thinking 24/7 how great smoking is but those feelings really do go away. This is why I am using the e-cig to quit. Going cold turkey for me never worked and it placates the oral fixation.

03-19-14, 06:12 AM
Two weeks of this? Jesus.

I mean I've been through some pretty horrific cold turkey opiate detoxes so this sort of thing isn't new to me. It is still really awful though.