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03-21-14, 06:25 AM
After one year of having been on Wellbutrin I noticed I didn’t get an erection as quickly as I had in the past. I decreased my dosage from 300 to 150. My erection was back to normal within two days.

I had also suspected that Wellbutrin was affecting my memory but wasn't sure. A few months ago (after having been on Wellbutrin for 2,5 years) it was beyond clear that my memory was not what it used to be. I identify as someone with an excellent memory. Now people would tell me about incidents in the past of which I had no recollection at all ("Did I say that?" "Did I do that?", "What did I say then?", "Was I there?")

Then for fun I sat down with some SAT test questions. I haven't looked at questions such as these for maybe 5 years or so. I realized that all of a sudden my ability to perform on these questions was shockingly bad. I cut my dosage from 150 to 37,5 mg. Two weeks later I sat down with the same sorts of questions again and did well.

More than having my executive function much improved, my memory has come back in a way that I know feel it's pretty clear that my memory was heavily affected. Yesterday I was listening to the radio and they were talking about a gene called CCR-5 Delta 32. Last night me and a friend came to talk about what I had heard on the radio. My friend asked what the gene was called. I had no problem remembering CCR-5 Delta 32. Being able to remember an obscure set of numbers like that had not been possible for me a few months back while being on 150 mg of Wellbutrin, I am quite certain of that.

Moreover, Wellbutrin changed my life. Life-long depression went away. Suddenly I participated actively in life. I got things done. I was able to actually feel an orgasm. Many things became interesting that hadn't been interesting to be before. I slept better. I was virtually never tired. The list of positives goes on. Unfortunately I need my memory and executive function.

03-21-14, 07:39 AM
Interesting. Doesn't depression with some people come and go? Maybe you aren't depressed anymore and don't need the meds at all anymore? I wonder sometimes how one knows if they don't need the depression meds anymore.

My memory has gotten worse and worse as I've aged, i think maybe that is natural. As to your SAT scores, if you haven't looked at them in 5 years and then look at them, I don't think it is unusual to do poorly at them. Then two weeks later they are going to be fresher in your mind and you are going to do better. As to your remembrance of a particular thing, there are all kinds of odd things that stick in my mind that are not necessarily an indicator that my memory is improving, but if that was just one example of many, then maybe it is.

You've gone from 300mg to 37.5, that seems like a pretty large drop, and that is why I'm wondering if maybe you just aren't depressed anymore. I say that though, with no real knowledge, perhaps I just don't have a clue. Have you been doing these cuts in your meds with a doctor's supervision?

Interesting conversation, I will be curious to see what others have experienced.

03-21-14, 08:27 AM
Naturally, I might be imagining the changes I think I experience after having reduced my daily dosage. It's always hard to know these things. As to the SAT questions, to be a little more clear on that, I've been looking at them every day for two months and since I reduced my dosage I feel that I have improved greatly in the math sections.

As for depression. So far I don't feel sad no, it's true. I do notice negative thoughts have come to me more often lately. Ideas like "this life is not the life I wanted" and "I've thrown so many years away" and so on. Thoughts like that were pretty much abscent all the time I was on a normal dose of Wellbutrin. Anyways, if it stays with only negative thoughts like that and not anything worse I'm ok.

I saw a doctor who's a specialist in ADD and ADHD (Im suspecting I might have something like that) and mentionend my memory problems which I figured to be related to Wellbutrin. He suggested my old age was the culprit (I'm all of 32) but of course couldn't say for sure.

I'm not under any doctors supervision as to my drugs. I live in Sweden where doctors don't financially benefit much from taking interest in their patients and so they pretty much don't care what I do or say. You're depressed? Ok here's an RX now get out NEXT. Also they are not well informed of drugs. I suggested to the doctor that I wanted to go on Wellbutrin instead of the SSRI I was taking and the doctor had never heard of Wellbutrin but was like "ok fine, whatever you want".

My waning of period started three weeks ago. I first went to 75 mg and then after 10 days to 37,5 which I am still on.

I'm always tired when I wake up now. I don't get anything done with my days. On Wellbutrin I get up at 5 am. Today I got up at 6:30 am and 7 hours later I still haven't gotten myself useful. Now being off Wellbutrin I feel like I'd just rather sit at home like a coach potato all day. Tennis is down to once a week from my normal three/week.

03-22-14, 03:37 AM
In Stockholm, I am guessing it is Voxra you are taking? How are you getting your meds without a recept? Getting a diagnoses in Stockholm for ADD or ADHD is about an 18 month process as it is barely recognized as a condition there and is a new thing there, and as such, there are very few docs that specialize in it. Also they don't treat ADD or ADHD there with therapy, only drugs.

03-22-14, 06:18 AM
Of course I have an RX (recept in Swedish). My indication is not ADHD but depression.

As to ADHD/ADD being new in Sweden. I was diagnosed with ADHD in 1991.

As to ADHD only being treated with drugs. The Swedish equivalent of the FDA (Läkemedelsverket) has not approved any drugs for the treatment of adult ADD/ADHD (even though doctors do prescribe drugs for this indication).

As to no therapy being offered. Sabbatsbergs hospital offers ADHD therapy and I am quite certain they are not the only ones.

Voxra and Wellbutrin has the same active substance (Bupropion Hydrochloride). Bupropion Hydrochloride is offered in Sweden under three trade names: Zyban, Voxra and Wellbutrin.