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03-22-14, 07:53 AM
80 mg MPH before

My doctor told me to start with 40 mg Strattera and he told me to raise the dosage soon as possible up to 100 mg if I got no side effects.
He knows that I am accustomed on much coffein.^^

After 3-4 hours I noticed that I could better focus, but I became a little bit tired. No "real" side effects.

I raised up to 2x40mg and sometimes I did sweat a litte bit more and became tired again, but I got more attention and enjoyed it, because the MPH feels so creepy and I felt that the Strattera will give me "real" focus, not just the feeling of it. I could read way better.

I took now 100 mg, everything is fine now, focus, attention is increasing faster than before. Fatigue is completly gone, only a little bit more sweat.