View Full Version : Do Not Revive

03-23-14, 12:51 AM
I'm already dead and nobody knows
I can feel it form my heart to my toes
I wait as I become a feast for crows
What it is to me already goes
So don't speak to me as if you know
No one knows
No one knows
Heads are only a feast of crows
Warmed by the cold rain and the falling snow
An icicle in his hand a frozen expression stretched across his lips
He tries to grasp at something as he clutches a snowflake in his grip
Such a small thing weighs so heavy in his hands
What it was to him none could see, they only see what is frozen in disbelief
No one will believe because it's not chosen, what we choose to believe
He holds it out for the world to see but its such a small thing without meaning.
They are blinded by deceit
before they will see they will carelessly trample over everything
and only he will know
the sun will gleam and the snowflake will vanish and disappear.
What it is you do not know
Don't tell me that you know
Because no one knows
But one day you will see, and then you will be alone
You'll know you didn't learn a damn thing.
It was right in front of you, resting and waiting
Sleeping. Waiting only to grow

You're already dead and you don't even know.