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03-23-14, 07:15 PM
Hey :)
I am very new here...and on new meds, so please pardon my mistakes or wrongly worded sentences if they arise :(

I do not know if this is the right section to post this....

I am the proud owner of Bipolar Disorder, Multiple Sclerosis (Cognitive difficulties galore) and I have some sensory issues. I also get killer migraines. I have had migraines since I was 15. I am now 39.

My migraines last from 2 to 3 days and quite frankly, I would rather eat dog poop. But life being what it is, the migraines come...and I am flattened.

Once a migraine finally subsides I get this feeling of bliss and euphoria, which feels quite lovely. This feeling lasts for an hour or two.
Is it because my brain/body is still pumping out its own painkillers even after headache is gone and I am just getting the "Feelgood" benefits of my own self produced painkillers?

Does anyone else get this euphoria after a migraine?

Please tell me where to post something like this if this is the wrong place :rolleyes:

Thanks for indulging me....


03-23-14, 09:18 PM
I don't have any real answer to your question, but I know that some types of seizures are associated with profound emotional experiences, including euphoria. I could imagine there being some similar thing that happens with migraines for some people.

Then again, after 3 days of feeling like death warmed over, not being in pain/light-sensitive/nauseous/etc. in itself must feel glorious.

But I do wonder if there is something to it, like with some kinds of seizures (I want to say temporal-lobe [?], but don't quote me on that. Saw it on a TV show with either Oliver Sacks or V.S. Ramachandran.)

03-23-14, 09:49 PM
As far as I remember there's a strong connection between migraines and seratonin. Seratonin is the chemical in your brain that causes euphoria so that would make some kind of sense.

03-23-14, 09:59 PM
I've been getting migraines over 40 years, but don't think I've ever felt this euphoria.

However, it's not unknown.

It is thought that the medications to treat migraine disorder may cause this serotonin/dopamine rush.

All I take is Excedrin so maybe that's why I don't get euphoria.

Also, some people may have a paradoxical reaction to the anxiety of dreading the next migraine

and feel euphoria instead of depression and anxiety.

Info: What Is Migraine Euphoria? (

03-24-14, 04:44 AM
I think there is a lot unknown about migraines and that its possible that all of the stuff going on in the brain due to migraines can get shuffled all around and leave you feeling euphoric after they pass.

03-27-14, 01:37 AM
After I become exhausted I can become euphoric. I get that way when I recover from stress too. It's kind of like a recovery mode for me.

You said you're bipolar. Maybe that's got something to do with it. I get euphoric after I brush my teeth. Really. What the hell are they putting it that stuff?

I'm not sure what happens to me after migraines. I get elated feelings with seizures that is similar to hypomania. My migraines don't usually last over 48 hours. And ones that long are rare.

10-28-15, 01:05 AM
I have no real answers for you, you have multiple things going on and I assume ADHD aswell?

I had chronic miagraines / aura and temporary blindness. There only two things I can say about this, dexamphetamine virtually gave me an instant cure of miagraines and headaches and secondly my miagraine were majorly caused by either heat and or strong sunny days...

I wish you well.