View Full Version : Falling Asleep For Idiots (The Whatever Theory)

03-25-14, 06:46 PM
Heard many stories of trouble falling asleep. Got a fun technique : lay down, turn of the light and this is your space. Suddenly you feel alone in your demain with nothing to distract or stress. At peace with one simply restful emptiness.

Now think : first think of one thing you're proud you've accomplished today and use a positive verb in first person to tell, sing or rap this in ye head.

How do we get to the careless state if something still troubles you ? What I do is let go and allow yourself to realize how done you're with feeling pushed to the edge, fighting the battle : and you're Just Gonna Give In cause it Feels Goood. Who cares ? (if I'm doing it all wrong and made all the wrong moves anyway) No pride, and after all the Hell hound's Worries - I actually no longer give a damn and notice you'll stop caring at all. Zzzzzz

Whatever. Works for me :)

03-26-14, 01:02 PM
Hmm... Would be wonderful if this worked.

"First think of one thing...]"

There is never a single moment where there aren't twenty parallell verbalized thoughts running rampant. And say you try to find the focus around that "affirmation"-thought, somehow managing to blur out the other thoughts, what about the instant lightning fast stream of fifty consecutive analyses of the first thought? And the consecutive thought threads they spawn, with you being totally unable to switch them off?

Also; darkness is scary as crap. Makes me heart explode the moment I fall asleep, instantly waking me up in panic. Oftentimes also puts me in sleep paralysis with extremely vivid horror hallucinations even though I know where I am with my eyes wide open.

(this is on Agomelatine as the only med I'm taking currently ._.;)

03-27-14, 01:43 AM
If I think racing thoughts during the day at night when I rest my head on my pillow it's in a super turbo charged mode x 1000000000.

I usually try to pick one thing and cycle the thought over and over. A bit like counting sheep but more interesting. It doesn't always work because I like seeing where my various thoughts are going. It's when I get all my best ideas, and only about 3 hours sleep.

Karamo, I get scared in the dark too. I actually think I'm seeing spiders. Sometimes worse things. Do you have a night light? I have one of an owl. I keep it on until I'm sure I want to sleep and my eyes have adjusted to the darkness of the room. Somehow when I turn it off I can still see inside my room.

I've been sleeping pretty badly lately. But bad sleep means many vivid dreams.