View Full Version : Ritalin + Drugs = bad hangover?

03-25-14, 07:47 PM
I couple of years ago - before being diagnosed with ADHD - a guy at a party gave me some of his Ritalin and I took it and consumed a lot of alcohol. I did many stupid things before being diagnosed and this was one of those things - that I would obviously not advice people to do! I had a terrible hangover for 2 days - and that in a time were hangover was totally unknown to me. It was not the headache and stomach problems hangover that people describe. I just was very, very tired and could barely stay awake, it was impossible to think clearly and I felt empty and depressed (and guilty).
A couple of months ago I was diagnosed with ADHD and my doc prescribed me Ritalin (the one that is released slowly). I feel a lot better and do less stupid things and barely consume any drugs (including alcohol). I don't feel the urge anymore. However, I noticed that I react differently to alcohol. Yesterday, I took my meds in the morning and after lunch and in the evening a friend visited me and we did something that I haven't done since I started medication: I drank and smoked weed. I am not sure whether the effect of the meds was still there, but I guess it was weak. However today I am so tired, unable to think and I feel somewhat emotionless or depressed. It feels the same way that abusing ritalin as a party drug felt like and I noticed that effect to a lesser extend whenever I drunk more than a glass in the last months. Before I consumed quite a lot of alcohol and weed without a hangover.
Of course I am not used to drugs anymore (and I might get older and lately I am studying too much), but I still wonder whether taking alcohol/drugs and ritalin within 24h might exhaust my brain somehow. I am not planning to drink or consume drugs, I am just curious whether you have similar experiencesor whether there is an explanation..

03-25-14, 09:01 PM
Well yes. If you combine Ritalin, Alcohol and Weed, you're going to experience the withdrawal effects of Ritalin, Alcohol and Weed the next day...


You will be left feeling RAW.