View Full Version : Dealing with overwhelming parenting tasks?

03-26-14, 10:46 AM
I had to take my 6 yr old son to the doctor yesterday and I have a 5 month old as well. Obviously waiting even by myself is torture but I just wanted to scream and cry yesterday waiting for the doctor...the baby was fussing and my son was crawling over chairs and running around crazy and everyone was looking at me like...are you going to do something? Often I just don't know WHAT to do so I do nothing and this feeling of being overwhelmed makes me never want to leave the house! I have 2 field trips coming up (one on Friday with my 6 yr old and then one a week later with my 7 yr old son) and I'm terrified of going. I want to be involved at school with them but I just don't know how to handle these situations without feeling like I"m going to lose my mind. Am I crazy?

03-27-14, 04:58 AM
description of parenthood: The most beautiful, extraordinary, and overwhelming experience of your life. You are a good mom with little kids. Anyone who takes issue with that in the doctors office can go F**k themselves.

03-31-14, 03:42 PM
I totally understand and I only have one child. A five year old. It's completely exhausting at times and overwhelming enough for an ADHD adult. I have tried explaining this to family and friends but most just make me feel like a bad Mom for it or just don't really get it. I try to plan only a few things each day that I have to get done and take the help where I can with my daughter to get some things done alone. I'm pretty lucky that I have support but it can still get stressful at times because my daughter has SO MUCH energy. She literally never stops. I can just imagine the embarassment you felt at the doctors office. I too tend to just give up mentally and do nothing at times because I just have zero energy to deal with it. I have no experience with the field trip stuff but if it were me, I would let the teacher know ahead of time that I am easily overwhelmed but that I would like to be there and help. She might be more understanding if she knows your feelings. The ages of children that you have listed are very hard anyway. Don't beat yourself up. I'm sure you are doing the best you possibly can. Make sure you get some "me time" daily or weekly if possible. This helps me come back a better and more patient parent every time. Just remember that other people have no clue what you are going through. Don't let them judge you.