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03-26-14, 07:06 PM
This is going to be the most aggressive, darkest, arrogant ever, pure pure fantasy and based purely on my childhood trauma. The music is done, but so complicated it's gonna take several more weeks. This is still sensible for changes :

Inspiration : Sasuke, my past, Chimaira - The Machine, Shadows Fall - Still I Rise, Three Days Grace - Home, Frost - Toys, Sally - Nightmare Before Christmas (cover), Star Wars (anakin)

Hate : These eyes (colder than ice) - Devilish Insane

The damage done
The story gone cold
As are the eyes I see them with,
And so are they in these eyes (colder than ice)

I don't feel anger
I feel hate.

And then you realize
You’re nothing like
Anything you thought I’d see in you

Through these eyes
Deeper than seas
A white hot burning resentment like
Two red flaming eyes
Luring in the dark
No mercy in this hate
Without compassion, forgiveness or restraint
For slaughter
For destruction
Fuelled by pure hate
Colder than ice

I can feel the power rise
As my heart turns into ice
As we play the millionth game of shame
I can feel you slowly turning insane

I will chase you
I will find you
And I will kill you

It is like everything you love
One breath of wind and it is gone
What will you do to preserve all you’ve stood for?
While I’m watching you?

The situation isn’t bright
The stars are falling from the night
As this will be the telling part
Insanity is proof of might

The hatred is burning, twisting and turning, it's eating me up from inside
It’s flaming and burning inside, the desire for vengeance is what keeps me alive
For my past is still haunting my daytime nightmares like a voice that reminds (that my memories haven't died)
Gives me focus, makes me stronger, the force within my mind

Do you feel the hatred in you
Twisting turning like I do
Do you know what it's like
Do you know what's in it for me now ?

I desire power
I am a Demon
I am Evil
I am the Vessel of Lucifer

I am your Master
Itching to kill you
My hate, my vengeance is cruel

You, alone, cornered in the dark,
Leaving emptiness to your imagination, no light spark
Terrorize and traumatize
I want to see the fear in your eyes

Devilish insane

As I Bind the World in Darkness
I pave a new Path to the dark side – making you powerless!

They’re laughing
They’re all laughing
They laugh because of my sacrifice
They’re all laughing together in ignorance
Your laughter sounds like scorn and disdain to me now!
I’ll change those laughs into screams of dread!

03-27-14, 04:48 AM
Just for information - in my teen ages fought with bullies and it's sort of a (bad) memory tribute to that. It's a lot of fantasy and tried to express what I felt back then ^^