View Full Version : HIS recollections

03-26-14, 11:17 PM
“What do you mean you’re getting divorced?”
You were happy a minute ago, you held no remorse
Our family was crumbling, my actions were deliberate
Was our love not real? Was it all just counterfeit?

I had to go out, I had to leave home
Where I was headed, surely was not known
To my buddy’s? To my girlfriends? No, just no
I need to go far away from this empty throne

Twisting the key, I sparked the ignition
Hungry for compassion and malnutrition
I drove for hours and hours into the night
Until the sea was the last thing in my sight

I parked my car, got out, shut the door
Stepped over the stench of my family, a rotten sewer
I ran until I hit the water with a splash
My life had turned upside down in a flash

Fast, out of control, left and right
Swimming was not an option this late at night
I needed a warning, to be quickly refreshed
To be reminded, to see true death

03-27-14, 08:51 PM
I’m a walking conundrum, a talking tongue twister
A paradox with a mouth, a brother and a sister
I will feel too much while feeling so little
I’m strong and desirable yet weak and brittle

Haunted by memories I know there’s a conscience
Deep down somewhere but where is it now?
Where is it when I’m longing for friends?
Longing for company, vulnerable and fresh

I know there’s blood, liver and kidneys
I look in the mirror and cannot see me
There’s a shadow, an outline, but no reflection
Where’s the man, where’s the imperfection?

How could I feel alive but dead inside?
Bright but black, a mutual tide
Seasick, homesick, got anything else?
I’m just bored looking for myself

03-27-14, 08:54 PM
The saddest eyes I’ve ever seen
Are of those of my dog sitting next to me
Domestication has left many flaws
He was born a wolf, with teeth, with claws

His eyes personify nature, far and wide
I wonder if he ever realized
How sad he was, what caused his pain
It’s just a malfunction of a canine brain

No, No, his eyes have lived long
Many hard years before his own
He ran in a pack, hunted at noon
He fathered many pups,
He howled at the moon.

03-27-14, 11:35 PM
The funny thing is as I write, God reads aloud
My words and phrases while high off cloud
The first one to hear, the first one to speak
My blasphemy and swears, I’ve pent up all week