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03-27-14, 04:16 AM

I have been diagnosed with ADD for about 8 years now and take adderall. I am a 31 y/o professional. A few years back, I posted a thread regarding getting pregnant and having to stop medication. I feared I would lose my job.

Flash forward to the present. I had a son last year. I had to go off my medication while pregnant, and I was not able to keep my job. I lasted two weeks without my medication. I finally found a new job when my son was 5 months old. I am now thinking ahead to my next pregnancy, which will hopefully happen this year. I REALLY cannot afford to lose my job again.

Does anyone have any tips who has been in this in situation? I am unable to get anything done without my medication (and have trouble getting things done even with my medication). I am wondering if people have had luck with any time management methods, different foods, herbal remedies, ANYTHING.

I hate that getting pregnant means potentially being unemployed again. Financially we need my income, and more than that, the more gaps i have on my resume the harder it will be to find employment going forward. I am really hoping this time around can be different, and would appreciate any insight or advice from those who have been there. Thanks!

03-27-14, 12:33 PM
I would LOVE to hear the answer to your question....

That said, 'remote employee' is becoming more prevalent today in mainstream careers as well. (aka work from home) Example, IBM hires project managers, engineers, pricing analysts.... of course I don't remember the % - just that its above 50%. . . 'McKinsey moms' (aka - people who worked in strategy, consulting) have a lot more temporary-project type options available, another awesome trend I very recently discovered... (aka work part-time)

off your med's - does working from home help? on your own schedule? even if apart from meetings you work from home...

03-27-14, 06:47 PM
Unfortunately, working remotely does not help me at all. I am an attorney and there are constant deadlines that are set by the court and by statute. There are also so many tasks that require linear focus. It is a horrible situation, and I really do not know what will happen if I lose my job again. Hoping someone has some advice!!

04-02-14, 03:39 PM
Honestly if there were an easy way to get by without medication many wouldn't be on it in the first place :/ some holistic 'cures' I've heard of might work though. Mainly cutting out every last bit of processed foods and avoiding grains and sugars all together. I personally have never been pregnant but have noticed when I'm away from junk food and artificially colored food I can focus a wee but better than normal.

Before I was officially diagnosed I would often do puzzles, origami, or crochet to help focus. Those work very well for me, I just can't do them in college classes leaving me to medication for the time being. The other thing that helped me in the past was religious schedule keeping down to the minute. It's super tedious but super effective. Even on medication I need this for my memory issues.

These methods didn't always work for me. I often experience periods of disorientation and confusion off medication. If you also experience that, I have noooo clue how to compat that aside from medication. Also, my reading is significantly effected when off medication. Like I can't keep words straight or in the right order off of it without going over lines multiple times. Highlighting in different colors works for that, but is also tedious.

I hope this helps some at the least!

04-30-14, 03:35 PM
not fun, i know...

during my pregnancy, i was a risk management advisor (involves boatloads of paperwork). deadlines worked to my benefit -- i wouldn't get much done unless a deadline was fast approaching...upon which, i would hyperfocus and was easily able to do a *ton* at once.

also, by using all of my vacation time, personal time, and some sick time, i was able to get about a day off every other week. then, i got a dr's note and went on temporary disability for about a month or so before i was due (using my remaining sick time to cover the week before benefits kicked in).