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03-29-14, 01:31 AM
I'm considering trying this stuff, yet again, for ADD inattentive (pretty much the SCT type, as I'm just very slow and prone to hundreds of mistakes, and my distractions basically have grown their own distractions!). Slow and dreamy, tired for no reason, no motivation, no ambition, nothing. That's me.

I'm also a super lightweight with most medications. So my doc suggests trying 37.5mg (75mg cut in half) of IR Bupropion to see what happens. I'm sensitive to anxiety-type effects, I know Bupropion has a penchant for that, but I need to try something and just hope it improves attention/motivation.. or else, I'll just continue on a road to nowhere.

So I'm wondering for those who take the IR variety.. how did it affect you the first month (nasty effects, etc.), as opposed to the long haul?

03-29-14, 09:30 AM
Hey Batman, that's the exact regimen I've been on for awhile. 300mg bupropion sr and 40mg ir adderall. I've been taking it since October.

I JUST logged on here to go update my thread on the WB board re: hair loss. I've had a big head of long, blonde more.

Wellbutrin is making my hair fall out. I just got a few inches cut off yesterday and am almost balding it's pathetic. So, I'm gonna taper off the stuff ASAP. The cost:benefit ration is outta whack for me.

BUT~~I I think it's an "interesting" combo. indeed. I Do NOT take it at the same time as my adderall or else it seems to make the onset way too subtle. I've been taking it about an hour later and that helps.

All, in all, for me, it's not worth it. I'm going back to rely on HIIT cardio and a lower sugar diet. That always has helped me more before I started relying on WB.

My main benefit of taking WB: super long orgasm (huh, weird thing!)
My main drawback: I actually felt like WB shaved a few IQ points off. I also fess less verbally witty and for some reason, my conversational fluency is sucking. Which is not normal for me at all. I feel like a doof.

Oh well, sorry I'm not more positive. Some peeps love the stuff and I hope you're one of them!

03-30-14, 12:29 AM
Hi Molly, thanks for your response, but I'm guessing perhaps you were in a hurry when you wrote this? Because I've not mentioned either taking Bupropion SR at that dose (I would be taking 75mg IR per day, or less, to begin with), nor did I mention Adderall. It's fine, though. Correcting things is an itch I had to scratch, unsurprising as I'm known to be a grammar Nazi anyway.

I can't take amphetamines. The only drug I am on right now is Paxil at 30mg. I'm strongly considering taking Bupropion for ADD, soon. Hopefully the combination of the SSRI and Bupropion will work okay for me, although I shudder at the thought of taking 2 psych drugs at once.

So to state it again, I'm wondering about those who have tried the Instant Release form of Bupropion. How was your experience in the first month.. good or bad? And what dose do you take now?

Thanks again,

03-30-14, 10:33 AM
Oh, my goodness! I'm sorry. You're right, when I posted my response, I thought I was on the Adderall board and I thought your title read "for those who take IR (thinking adderall) W/Bupropion" I immediately thought, "wow! That's me". Well, because it's ALL about me anyway in my head ��

Plus, it was early on the West Coast, I was totally non-medicated, worried about going bald, and with a precious 3 year old birthday girl on my lap. I was just posting on the fly, like you said.

My bad! Good luck to you with IR WB/Bupropion. This board doesn't get much action, so I'm sorry this wasn't a more helpful exchange of ideas.

Take care.