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03-29-14, 01:02 PM
Disclaimer: this is my personal path. It doesnt have to be or even reflect your own.

Spirituality for me is about working on my level of being. It has a purpose in and of itself, and is not subservient to life aims. If i function better in life because of my spiritual path, that is a side effect, not the main course.

How do I approach spirituality? For me, its been a path with multiple aspects. Spirituality is not about following a single 'recipe', its about working on the whole of oneself, literally from the feet all the way up to the head.

Out of seven, three primary aspects can be directly affected and though i do work on the other elements also, I only have valid experiences in these three:

SENSING is about gaining and maintaining awareness. For this, the body is the primary anchor. In my case it comes down to 'living meditation'. This means seeing every aspect of life as something that I can strive to be aware in. I need to be aware of both the outside and the inside world simultaneously and specifically of how my inside world responds to the outside world. Sensing also means that i have to live, sleep, eat and breathe spirituality to such an extent that life itself becomes subordinate and subservient to it.

FEELING For this part I most gladly refer to Davesf's excellent work on this. Everyone's approach may vary, but addressing one's emotions is an essential element on the path.

THINKING This is mostly about realizing the limits of thinking. Humans have become their thinking and we are controlled by it. This is what has put us in a prison of our own making. Thoughts are not original. They are second hand reproductions of what is already there, lurking in the subconscious. As such they create nothing new. Only the thoughtless now (which is directly related to quantum mechanical effects) can lead to newness and every major change in the history of mankind has come from this place.
An essential part of working with one's thoughts is to realize the importance of truth and sincerity, both with oneself and others. For me this is a beast to conquer as a lifetime of ADD cover ups, isn't conducive to honesty.