View Full Version : Dex and Zoloft? past problems with ssri? green light now??

03-29-14, 01:45 PM
Just switched from Adderall IR (took for five months, last dose 30mg 2x daily )to Dex ER (15mg). I was feeling spacey and restless still. I have only taken my first Dex dose but feeling great. I feel normal. Yay!!! My doc at last appointment (yesterday) said there is an OCD/anxiety component that wehave not addressed. He prescribed me Zoloft (Sertaline) 50mg once a day.

Now I am extremely hesitant to take an SSRI. I took NUMEROUS ssri's and anti convulsants/psychotics from 14-18. I was diagnosed with bipolar and depression but that was wrong diagnosis. I had multiple suicide attemps and 7 psych hospitalizations and numerous outpatient treatment. sense then my life has gotten so much better I have just had difficulty with focus and I feel like any depression has been ADHD blues. I do blame the improper medication on everything I went through because suicidal thoughts is a negative side effect. Apparently I have ocd or ocpd or anxiety is just causing these issues. he said Zoloft will help this. Honestly when I went in I was hoping more along the lines of Benzodiazepines. I had like a 3day anxiety thing. He said my anxiety problems are too constant for that kind of thing yet I see other people on here taking a small amount daily . I am so scared in 4. weeks ill be suicidal and irritable lounge before. He said since I have never taken tks exact medication to give it a chance.

I don't want to not feel like myself. I need to have now fun and not be so worried about cleaning and everything being perfect. I feel like most of my issues are learned behaviors or left over guilt/sadness/low self esteem/fear etc from my past life that could be primarily resolved through psychotherapy or hypnosis or an adhd coach or support groups or a combination.
Am I wrong to want a Benzodiazepine
I don't have a specific questions, am just looking for insight
Oh also shouldn't I do dex solo first so I can truly determine if its the right adhd medication or didn't amount ???

03-29-14, 01:48 PM
Ugghh please excuse typos!!! Since** like *** not lounge....right**** amount not didn't