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03-24-05, 11:25 AM
I am looking for some input.:confused:

My daughter has been dx with Sinus Arrythmia but the more I think about it and look at the symptoms of MVP ( Mitral Valve Prolapse) I am starting to wonder. I have Fibro, Anxiety, ADD-Inattentive.... I know MVP is a co-existing conditon with Fibro. She also has anxiety issues since she was a little girl.

Anyways my thinking is along these lines:

I have the above.

My son was dx with Add-Inattentive with Anxiety and Depression

My daughter has the anxiety issues, TMJ , possible ADD, and now this dx.

The symptoms come on from stress;

shortness of breath
pain in her chest
sometimes faints
tingling in arms
can't swallow when she's in one of these spells

She went to my fathers MD and he said she has to learn how to handle stress and sent her away.:mad: The time before that she ended up in the emergency room because she passed out and they did an xray and dx her with sinus arrtyhmia. She is only 26.

My thinking is that with my history and the way it seems to be repeating in my children could this be a possibility? And if so what type of doctor should she see? I don't want to put her through all the quacks and insincere MD's and therapists that I had been subjected to over the years.

Any imput would appreciated!!


03-24-05, 11:49 AM
I would send her to the doctor that you presently use. If that is not possible then call your doctors office and see who they would recomend.

03-24-05, 03:02 PM
Thank you for your suggestion! There is so much going on here I never thought of that. My daughter lives in a city 45 minutes from me so it probably would be more convienent for her to find someone ther but at least I could find out what kind of doctor she should see that would understand these conditions of ours and at least be on the same page.

I guess I am a mother protecting her cubs; from all my negative experiences with the medical community I just want to make sure that I am sending her in the proper direction.


03-24-05, 05:46 PM

Also have her watch for not only the FMS, but thyroid issues as well. I myself have FMS, CFS, Inflammatory Arthritis, bursitis and more. Do a search by typing the full name out, you will find a world of information. My suggestion is do an online search for her area. Doctors are sometimes found listed by their specialties. If you need more help. Please let us know.

09-18-07, 02:16 PM
MVP is a differential diagnosis that often gets picked up when Anxiety Disorders are investigated.

IIRC, MVP is linked to causing Anxiety symptoms.

MVP is a heart valve (anatomical) problem. Can be congenital or caused by infection (endocarditis, etc).

09-18-07, 02:18 PM
Do you understand why STRESS can cause these symptoms?

Stress increases (via adrenaline, etc) the demand for blood. The heart pumps faster. When the blood isn't there, or the heart can't push the blood along or when there isn't enough power to oxygenate the blood, OFCOURSE she is fainting.

This is what heart problems do. :)

Ask your Doctor to explain about preload and afterload in the heart and circulation, given that your daughter has a faulty heart valve.

You may want to look up these terms when reading about the heart:

ejection fraction
stroke volume