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03-30-14, 10:50 PM
Wait for it, it gets better
Bigger and brighter than before
The cold dish is now reserved
For the ones who have rehearsed

Wait for it, it gets better
Sicker and sadder than before
My revenge did not suffice
Those alone who sacrificed

Wait for it, it gets better
Listen closely and youíll see
The sick plot twist is growing
And the kicker is on me

They waited and it got better
Bigger and brighter too
I never lied about that
Iíve always told the truth

So the answerís not black and white
No string to this flightless kite
The search will have to find
The string I left behind

03-31-14, 11:47 AM
Captain Crunch Walks the Plank
Call the cavalry, the king is dead
The queen is beheaded, chivalry is dead
Call the militia and the serfs too
They said [frick]off
They said suck it too

Overemployed and overconfident
Your life will hold no value
No one will ever know
How shiny your watch was
Or even how your name was spelt

Erase them from history, burn the books
Weíll create a new kingdom, a better one too
You pushed for way too long
Never thinking of anyone but yourself

If you throw it, Iíll catch it
When you drop it, Iíll pick it up
When you fall, Iíll remain standing
Clean, tall, and in power

Bury them in the swamp and cast no tears
They were not gods, not even royalty
We have a new structure and a new realm
Weíll have a better life, better than them

When you fall, Iíll let you go
Iíll take your place, no one will know
The real story
The real tragedy
Of where you wanted to go

03-31-14, 11:52 AM
Who Shot Mr. Monopoly?
Life is not a Broadway show
You canít just sing your way to the top
You have to show em what you got
You have to show em what you want

Take it from me, itís not what you know
Take it from me, itís what you donít
Save a moment, passed the rest
Save the torment, pass it to the next

Youíll never win this game you play
If you never pass the start
Pick up the pieces
Move on to reason
Youíll never win this game!

Life is not a movie screen
You canít just fake your way to the top
You have to show em what you got
You have to show em what you want

Youíre the [flippin] scrub who plays by the rules
Youíll never pass go, youíll never reach me

So your gonna stand there uncoordinated
Exasperated, perspirating
Stand up and take the chance
Nothing to lose, nothing to gain
Shut up and take a chance
Youíll never win this game
Youíll never reach my fame

03-31-14, 11:53 AM
Only listen to half the things I say
Make that a quarter, a fraction at best
I admit it, Iím a fraud, so sue me
I cheated, I lied, skipped over the rest
Jumped from chapter two to ten
Who even needs the rest?
Everything else is repeated again and again
Donít fall for the illusion or itíll do you in

03-31-14, 11:54 AM
Buckle me up, letís take a ride
Letís go to the shore, letís see the seaside
Go to the carnival, ride the Ferris wheel
Sit in the back of your roofless green jeep

I buckled up and took a drive
I sat on the beach, saw the seaside
I watched the carnival, burned down the wheel
Got drunk on the boardwalk, so I could feel real

03-31-14, 11:56 AM
Ask a kid what he wants
I bet I could tell you
ďTo drive a car, to have
A house like you doĒ

ďListen up kid, Iíll make it quick
Moneyís not the answer, donít get rich
Find a girl and build a home
Play it by earĒ as it should be told

ďBut sir, itís not fun being told what to do
I only have a bike, a leaky canoeĒ
ďKid, listen upĒóďno, you listen sirĒ
It was too late, there was nothing I could do