View Full Version : Wish you were here

03-31-14, 03:17 PM
Hey you
My nameless, formless love
My irrational, insane love
That I've never met and have never known
And that every day, every minute
I still mourn

I wish you were here
I wish that I hadn't destroyed you in fear
Us and everything that could have been
Everything that's now just a dream
Every day that we could have seen

Hey you
My nothing that is everything
Everything I don't know and never will
everything I want and will never have
Every word that's wasted silently
Before it reaches your grave

I wonder who you would have been
And what you would have been
And if now you are at all
Anything beyond my memories
beyond my guilt and grief
Beyond the insanity that you have become

Hey you
My darkest, most beautiful dream
My anchor and my cross
My never forgotten, never accepted loss
My truth in all the lies
The one that lives
While everything else dies

Life would have been for the living
And yesterday
would not just have been any other day
But mother's day and your day
Every day would have been your day
Rather than just a broken, hollow dream

Hey you
My tired, empty mind
living off a memory
And a fantasy of what could have been
And everything we would have seen
And everything that died in fear
I wish you were here