View Full Version : Flashing Lights: My Bizzare Addiction

04-01-14, 04:50 AM
I am seeking others who may experience a similar addiction of mine, as It has SEVERLY begun affecting life and focus...

I have a addiction of emergency vehicle lighting. As strange as it sounds, for the past 4 yearsi have been in a near constant state of either imagining Blinking red lights or watching youtube videos of blinking emergency lighting. I have begun following fire trucks when i see them pass as i begin a trance when seeing the lights flash. Obviosuly it costs alot in gas to do useless driving.

When I am not physically viewing lighting flash I am imagining flashing and blinking lights which has begun to affect my focus at important tasks. it has seemed this is all i think about or focus on. Lights blinking.:confused:

Is this is a rare form of OCD? Has any one experienced similar obsession?