View Full Version : The Good Fight

04-01-14, 09:35 AM
Today I Will Fight the Good Fight

The Good Fight is the fight against inertia, against chaos, against waste. It is pushing forward when everything pulls back. It is staying afloat during the storm. It is throwing a line to the shipwrecked. It is holding fast to the knowledge that we truly are "all in this together" - we all strive, suffer, and die. We all need, love and live. Those that hurt us, those that might seem to be our very opposites, might well have the same fears as we do and are simply running from them. Running like we also have done countless times.

It is different for all, the Good Fight. For some, it is only to survive in the face of terrible adversity. To simply continue when all cry, "Cease!". For others, it is to bring about great change with gifts and rewards that seem superhuman and godly to the rest of us. The fight joins them - no matter how different they are. And true fighters see that struggle in each other, and share a silent comraderie.

It is the search for the truth. The search for the truth of our individual reality, no matter how humiliating, terrible, wonderful, confounding or pointless it may be. And during that search, learning to face and accept whatever is found. In accepting it, we empower ourselves with the knowledge of the parameters of what we can change in this existence, and make better. Indeed, it is the search itself that most radically changes us for the better.

In the end it is a consolation. The only true consolation. That despite all, one has given ones best, even when that might be simply rising again from an infinite number of tumbles. It can be grim, but it is never ignoble or meaningless. For meaning is the reward for those that would fight. Meaning and dignity in a universe that seems by its very nature to deny us both.

Yesterday has only set the stage. Tommorrow, the fight may be over. Today, though, the Good Fight rages on. And today, I rise and join the ranks.