View Full Version : Has anyone had positive results going fully sober?

04-01-14, 07:20 PM
I mean no drinking, no pot, and no medication, and only a cup or two of coffee a day? I'm worried about getting on a regime of medication given my personality and habits of overdoing every single thing I can get my hands on. I know we all started for a reason but I'd like to think I've learned things that make the need for medication, self or prescribed, not as strong. I'm worried about being on a drug 24/7 and also worried about being a failure if I'm not medicated.

04-02-14, 12:51 AM
Hey, if you're doing that, drop the coffee first, not last. It's one of the worst offenders for side effects, and not particularly useful.

04-02-14, 02:01 AM
I'm on ZERO meds right now

And yes my personality has "taken over"

not in the best ways...

If you have the option to stay medicated, I suggest stay medicated and take breaks on the weekend if you really wanna know what it's like.

I've also read that taking ADHD medication makes one less likely to fall into substance abuse/addictions.

I also agree with dvd: cut the coffee

You may find things get better for you, especially psychologically, once you do that.

04-02-14, 04:51 AM
Its good to be aware of your potential for addiction before taking stimulants and if as you said, you abuse everything most of the time, then maybe meds might not work for you. Very often stimulants can actually help someone with an addiction because very often addicts use because they are self medicating. As far as being on meds 7 days a week, well, thats an invalid point IMO. Treating a disorder should be a 24/7 thing. Someone with reading glasses or diabetes needs to treat themselves 24/7. ADHD is no different.

04-02-14, 10:39 PM
I actually may have msispoke when I said 24/7 because I have no problem being disordered until I need to focus... I enjoy using IR medication to give me bursts of hyperfocus, it makes it easy for me to see things through once I've started them, but I'm not particularly bothered by my ADD outside of the impact it has had on my academic and fiscal success. You know how it is though- meds are expensive, side effects are scary, and sometimes I'm tempted to go about getting by without anything besides making lists and setting alarms and so forth. I didn't do formal medication until about a month ago, so I'm very aware of the difference it makes... perhaps it's just not something I'm used to yet. My prior attempts at self medication involved around 1,400-1,800 mg of caffeine daily and a bottle of vodka a week to sleep. Needless to say that was bad.

Thanks for the imput you guys!

04-06-14, 12:50 PM
I might be a dissenting voice here, but I believe that there are some people who are genuinely better off using something than they are being completely sober. I've tried to rationalize with myself that it's always just the drug talking, and that going fully sober will make everything better, or at least clearer, but more and more I see that being completely off all drugs makes me worse off - my brain's reward system and inhibitory controls are so completely broken that a 100% sober life just isn't worth living for me. Any lucidity I gain from being sober is overshadowed by the cacophony in my head.

The fortunate thing here is that prescription stimulants are capable of working decently enough to fill that hole that makes me want to use alcohol and other harder stuff, as well as caffeine and nicotine. If I didn't have a prescription, I would have kept self medicating with a collection of substances.

04-06-14, 01:05 PM
Caffiene is a drug..

Currently I'm struggling with cutting out the drinking. I haven't been drunk in over a week though and the clearer I get the better I feel.

I've cut out the self medicating with caffiene and nicotine.

My hypothesis is that being otherwise sober except for my stimulant medication will be the best for me. That way I'm not constantly withdrawling from other substances.

Also those of us who are medicated aren't medicated 24/7 rather 4,8, or 12 hour chunks at a time.

04-06-14, 02:49 PM
hurricane, by just asking these questions shows you are aware of your own foibles which is good.

If you have never been on a medication 24/7, you can give it a try and if you don't like it, talk to your doctor about changing the Rx or stopping it.

You are in the driver's seat.

04-06-14, 04:30 PM
I reject the idea of calling someone taking ADHD medication "not sober", in the accepted use of that word. Sober (not re-defining it to suit anyone but using it in the way it's normally meant) means "not impaired". I am noticeably more sober on my meds than I am off of them.

04-07-14, 12:54 AM
Thanks for all the imput!!! You guys are awesome, anyhoo I cut out caffeine and have been sober as far as booze goes for 2 weeks... I remember why I started drinking coffee and vodka now haha

But fortunately I now have Ritalin to help me out... this is my first time ever starting a regiment with meds. It's freaky as someone who didn't even try medication before 21. I feel like it's cheating. Ringing constantly in the back of my head are the words "drugs are a rational response to insanity" which is from the novel Savages and is meant to justify the use of drugs in modern society, which is so far removed from the places we spent 200,000+ years evolving that it would, to someone from a different time, be literally crazy. I like that rational, and am further comforted by the fact that I not only have the insanity of the world to deal with but the insanity in my head as well.

Nicksgone, stay off that booze brother, I went sober, decided I was missing out, missed the feeling, missed waking up all renewed like you do sometimes, so I went out, got drunk, got a DUI, and crushed every dream I had :( the cool thing about it is dreams are replaceable... I'm very happy no one irreplaceable was hurt by my mistake. I remember vomiting violently into a prison toilet howling I'M NOT MISSING OUT NOW AM I???