View Full Version : Unintentional Adderall/Prozac Withdrawal?

04-02-14, 03:37 AM
Hi all,

I'm an out-of-state college student who, when packing his stuff for spring break, realized he forgot his Prozac (fluoxeteine) and Adderall IR. I'm prescribed 20mg IR 3x/day for ADHD and 50mg Prozac for GAD.

I go to school in California but am from Pennsylvania, and realized I forgot my medication when I was already on the plane. I read part of a book, fell asleep, and realized I didn't have my Adderall with me (I had taken my regular 20mg prior to leaving).

Once I arrived home I called up my cousin and he sent them via next-day shipping, and they arrived tonight. I took the 20mg IR but decided against taking the Prozac because I feared interference with what I had earlier that day (realized medication arrived around 8pm). I was already going through insane withdrawal, i.e. sleeping for 14 hours, waking for 4, sleeping for 14, etc. The Adderall helped a lot, but I noticed myself having BAD panic attacks for the first time in MONTHS... haven't felt this way since the beginning of December, possibly due to not taking the Prozac?

My plan is to fix my dosage schedule when I wake tomorrow, which is my normal 20mg 3x/day and 50mg Prozac before bed. Should I lower the Adderall to 15mg for 2 days due to the time off? Obviously none of you are MD's (or mine at least), but would taking four full days off of an SSRI have a major impact if I began again tomorrow?