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04-02-14, 10:09 AM
If you use a backpack or big purse or bag:

It is just SO MUCH easier to find your things, if they are all in bright covers or cases (phone, glasses etc).

I can find EVERYTHING right away. Usually I check 10 times to see that i have everything (nervously, in the train or when it's already too late to go back...), now I can see all of my things in 5 seconds. :)

Because with a black phone in a big purse with dark lining...

ana futura
04-02-14, 02:21 PM
Yes! I have to force myself to buy bright things, because I prefer darker and more muted colors. My phone case is black and I can never find it.

I also can't use bags with lots of compartments. I max out at 2. With more compartments than that, it will take me a half an hour to find something, because I can't handle having designated places for things, and I have to look through every single compartment because I can't remember where I put something.

A friend once commented that I would be more organized if I used a bag with more compartments, but the truth is that I'm not organized enough to use a bag with lots of compartments! Most organizational tools only help the already organized.

04-02-14, 02:24 PM
check amazon, actually my phone case is black with a grey and white flower pattern. but very visible!

04-02-14, 04:42 PM
Omigosh, YES! I thought I was the only one that did this, haha!

I like using the makeup bags, that are given out as free gifts at department stores, to help organize my bags. They usually come in bright colors and/or ridiculous patterns so they're easy to spot. I like to separate my stuff into different bags; one bag for writing utensils, one for my sunglasses, and one for my personal items (chapstick, medication, lotion, dental floss, hairbrush, makeup, etc.)

Nowadays, my purse only has 5-ish things (3 bags, my phone, and wallet) in it while it used to be an explosion of stuff that was incredibly difficult to sift through. The colorful bags also make it extremely easy to switch my stuff from my backpack to my purse and visa versa!

09-24-14, 10:05 AM
This is so true! :lol: Fortunately I like bright colors. I have a hot pink little bag - though at the moment I don't have it in use in my purse. I also like compartmentalized purses, so I guess I'm bucking the trend here. Big baggy purses drive me nuts with everything falling down to the bottom in a pile. Small purses - forget it - I'm not that minimalist and never will be.

On the subject of purses - my pet peeves, for the record:

Narrower openings at the top than the rest of the purse, so that you're fumbling to get things in and out and holding up the checkout line
Lack of zippers/open compartments - might as well just hand your stuff over to pickpockets and skip the middle-woman
Zippers that are just slapped on at the top of the purse, leaving gaps and ugly zipper flaps at either end
Nice compartments, but only about 1/2" wide so immediately the purse gets overstuffed
As noted above, no compartments at all - but this is a lesser worry because if I had to I suppose I could put little bags inside to organize - still, I generally avoid this type of purse
Cheap inner linings between the compartments, that tear after a short period of use

I am super-picky about my purses! :p I won't buy any with the above annoying features. Since I'm also on a tight budget, what I generally do is go to the thrift stores. It may take going to several stores, but I've gotten some really good purses that way. Right now I'm carrying a leather one I got for five bucks! And I figure if someone else used it and it still looks good, it must be high quality. Probably cost $60-70 or more new. :yes:

09-24-14, 03:55 PM
hey my thread :)

i don't like too many compartiments, it gets confusing!
Another really annoying thing, is if the lining is too thin and things fall through a pocket but then get stuck between the lining and the bottom of the purse.

09-24-14, 08:09 PM
I actually just bought a new-to-me purse that's small enough I don't stuff it full of crap, but big enough I don't have to fight to get my wallet out of it. I always loose things in it though... even brightly colored things... but I think that's because I never actually LOOK in it... I just feel around :lol: