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04-02-14, 08:47 PM
Ive pretty much had it my whole life, in elementary school it was to the point I couldn't control myself, I did decent in school except for almost flunking math every year, but I read at a college level since like 3rd grade. Come highschool I do very well in almost every subject, but I could never concentrate in studying, again in math i nearly failed every year. I would make the utmost attempt to pay attention but always failed at it.

Come college and after working 30 hours a week as a full time student, It seemed to put my ADHD in hyperdrive. Its almost painful now, I have headaches, constantly OBSESS, over projects due in the future, procrastinate, always think faster than I can move talk type or anything else. I can still function acceptably. I can drive, read, pay attention in some classes passably, but my grades are suffering, I can't study, I can't get away with the stuff I could in highschool and its worse now than its been in years.

Ive finally decided to get diagnosed again "I was by school psychiatrist in elementary school", and hopefully get some medication. I wanted to avoid them in fear of becoming a zombie with all creativity and intelligence gone. But I need to concentrate, I don't feel creative, smart, or energetic anymore, just restless, buried and wore out.

My biggest foe has been math and chemistry, as well as studying. Will medication perhaps help me with this? Just help paying attention and understanding. Also, Can I Just go to my general doctor? All the psychiatrists around here don't take my insurance, and I am in college, hence I am broke.

04-04-14, 08:59 AM
I show symptoms of SCT, ADHD inattentive type, perfectionism and OCD, and OCD being is the 'non-fear' type.

I'm currently doing a degree in mathematics and physics (joint) at a university. Basically, I can't really see how ADHD can cause mathematical disability. I've also studied chemistry in university as an elective class.

I should be suffering some setbacks as well if that was the case.

04-07-14, 01:06 AM
I did A LOT better in math when I got on medication and I did well in chemistry. In fact I was better at it than everything. Don't worry about your creativity and see what happens... If you need to write some affirmations.

06-26-14, 10:47 PM
i'm actually good at math, it depends because most people even 'normal' ones have a fear of numbers. math of anxiety is very common.

What you need to do is overcome your fear, many people have no idea how to study math. the only real way is to study. Study bit by bit, and don't become discouraged, just keep trying. I believe ADD people and their disorder can make aide them in math and complex problems. There have been times i was stumped on a question, say there and thought, and came up with the answer. All my professors tell me that i am the only student they've ever had that was stumped on a question, and could answer it correctly. But it's the random recall that we have. Math can to some extent be creative but only when you can relate it back to something you are interested in, that will make you able to recall it.