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04-05-14, 11:59 AM
Hello everyone, is there anyone else who can relate to being a "single" parent of an ADHD child? And single means, his father has had him a total of twice in 6 years.
I get no weekends off, have no family members to help, it's just me and my son. I first noticed at 3 years old that he was thinking outside the box, doing things most toddlers wouldn't do. By the time he was 5 years old I knew there was more going on with him.

He was diagnosed with Combined ADHD. His impulsions almost control everything. His pediatrician did a DNA test that's supposed to show which stimulant would be best fitting. Adderall showed to be the best fit. We tried that for a week, and there was no change in overall behaviors except he was a complete emotional mess.
Quillivant XR was the next try. We have had success with this. 4ml a day, and he could go to school, function well enough to get through the day. That dose lasted for 8 months and just recently had to be increased.

My son is extremely bright, has been able to do addition and subtraction since before he started school, numbers come very easy for him. He also doesn't fit the norm, as he is very social and not at all shy. He has an obsession for video games, and all technology. I haven't tried sports lately because before his diagnoses he wouldn't engage properly. He loves to swim and is a complete fish...reminds me of Michael Phelps.

His behavior and attitude has me on the breaking point many times. I'm learning to be more sympathetic to his needs, but I have certainly struggled with it. It is definitely intensified by the fact I get zero "me" time. I finally have him in a great school with a wonderful teacher, but I have had struggled with that as well.

My son is very in tune and aware of his condition and the behaviors. He's very dramatic though, and any discipline he perceives that everyone hates him or thinks he's a bad kid. I always tell him he's a good kid, he just makes bad decisions at times. He also obsesses about family, has such a strong desire for a family. We have our good days and bad days, but this life certainly isn't easy.
I pray for the easier times in the future, but in the end I just want my son to be happy and successful in life.

04-06-14, 07:19 AM
This is my story maybe it will help you.

04-06-14, 11:43 AM