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04-09-14, 12:36 PM
A word before I continue:

I do not equate my music obsession with the life-threatening habits of my Portland patients.

Far from it.

My addiction, though I call it that, wears dainty white gloves compared to theirs.

I've also had far more opportunity to make free choices in my life, and I still do.

But if the differences between my behaviours and the self-annihilating life patterns of my clients are obvious, the similarities are illuminating--and humbling.

I have come to see addiction not as a discrete, solid entity--a case of "Either you got it or you don't got it"--but as a subtle and extensive continuum.

Its central, defining qualities are active in all addicts, from the honored workaholic at the apex of society to the impoverished and criminal crack fiend who haunts Skid Row.

Somewhere along that continuum I locate myself.

-Gabor Mate M.D., "In The Realm of Hungry Ghosts", Close Encounters With Addiction (Chapter: Takes One to Know One) P 104.


04-09-14, 12:52 PM
I don't agree with anyone 100%.

I don't disagree with anyone 100% either.

I do agree with Dr. Mate on his opinion here.

04-09-14, 01:37 PM
Thanks Lunacie,

I have never quoted this paragraph before, and I am sure there is lots more important paragraphs, I am missing.

Interestingly, I was also probably picking quotes, based on my own experiences.

Side Note: I have never met Dr.Mate before, except about 3-7 years ago, I emailed him, with some of my thoughts, like I wonder what would happen if I breast

feed at age 35, telling him I was going to follow him around like a Gandhi, and asked if I could quote him?

And Dr.Mate did write me back, giving me permission to quote, and he said my ideas where great, and not to follow him or anyone else, around like a Gandhi.

(paraphrasing) (but he doesn't give medical advice online).

So everything I have learned about myself and ADD, primarily by considering, books and videos and ADDFriends and medication, but I never met Dr. Mate,

any ADHD researchers, or any other ADDFriends in person.

(which I find fascinating, that I could be helped by so many people I have never actually met)

Sometimes, I wonder if Dr.Mate ever reads my posts, and I wonder his reaction, as I wonder if I am leaving out important information, I don't recognize yet.

Like watching people play the game battleship.

Please consider I daydream a lot.