View Full Version : Lamictil help?

04-10-14, 11:47 PM
so my doctor has me on 100mgs Lamictil 18mgs of Concerts and 2mgs atavain daily. some of you know I'm having some issues in my previous post. anyways, I'm used to taking concerta alone. it makes me anxious but focused. since adding the lamictil I am just mean and hateful. I'm really paranoid. I went to 200 and it made me even meaner. does it need to go higher? I also feel like I'm losing my mind and nothings real.

04-11-14, 04:45 AM
My first question is, are you bipolar? Lamictal is usually used as a mood stabilizer for BP people and not for mild depression. For depression you need an antidepressant like an SSRI or SNRI. Most people with mild depression need to take an antidepressant but not the mood stabilzer because the lamictal is most often used to moderate the mood swings and rapid cycling that is associated with BP. My other concern is your dose. Did you start out on 100mg? I can tell you that for me, I started with 25mg a day for two weeks, then 50, then 100 etc. I take 500mg a day and broken up into 3 doses of 100mg in the morning and 2 doses of 100mg in the evening. I have been at this dose for 9 years. I am not a doctor and telling you what you should or shouldnt take but its just not making sense to me, but maybe I am missing something?

04-11-14, 09:31 AM
I'm not sure honestly. he says I def have bipolar. I'm not sure. it helps my short term memory and makes my involuntary muscle movement go aelway. so I take it. I seem more focused too. but I'm having the above've issues.

04-11-14, 09:33 AM
also yes I did rotate up. 25-50-100.