View Full Version : Constant Force

04-14-14, 02:10 PM
I think our lives are brief and bright as lightning
recognized as a phenomenon everywhere,
but only individualized by what we touch

We are the self-winding movements, we are the kinetics

If this is the lightning-storm, the hurricane, with my rain-bands soaking down, diverted into a culvert laid piece by piece by my doubts and failures
then may the storm surge over all
may the culvert be overwhelmed by the wild lightwire cyclone
may the oceans in their vast volumes be borne to heaven on my winds
may the life and water soak the world it shakes
this deepest of goldcored meteorites shattered over the highest mountains to pit their peaks with flecks of light as mailable and timeless as methods of dying
called out of a raging desire to be drawn to the epicenter of all my worst fears, all the world's greatest dangers, to fight in the deepest blackshadow hills and struggle to breathe in the brawling seas where ships are cast about like splinters in the mulled surf
I despair, but I do not know how to die
I doubt, but I do not know how to give in
I fail, but I cannot bring myself to be a failure
On the days I doubt the future of myself adrift in this shipwreck world
I find myself contemplating my deathbed demeanor and find
myself still ready to recall the deep and thronging joys which I hold in life always
I don't believe in acceptance, acceptance is boring
I want to change and surprise myself everyday
because everything which is still is boring,
the most beautiful monuments are only able to hold our gaze for a moment
everyone I love, I love watching them change
everything I love, I love watching it change
everything I am, I love watching it change

I believe in love and discovery, I cannot imagine living for any other reason
and love and discovery change you,
and I love this world and all the mystery, all the fog,
all the emberous twinkling shorelights and shivering stars in a shifting sky above a moving earth

may we love like dogs all of our days, and may our dreams be anything but specific

Eyes on the horizon, nothing is certain, nothing is impossible