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04-14-14, 02:21 PM
They recruited us from places like this forum when the emissaries reached them on starlight and brought them below the sea where they could speak.
Nobody was sure who was at fault, but someone had gone light-years ahead of both our species and bridged the multiverse for the first time.
It would have been the most monumental achievement of a mortal being in the history of consciousness.
It could have brought discovery, wellness, peace. Newness for all. The hiccup was that the universe ours had bridged with was twice our size and completely water-based.
The way we have space punctuated by bubbles of atmosphere, they had water punctuated by bubbles of space.
No stars. And someone had essentially connected a funnel from this great galactic ocean to our universe. Words fail the scale of the volume of water we were taking on.
Stars were snuffed out like embers drenched by responsible campers. Whole systems rolled out of any orbit, caught up and lost in the stream. Galaxies failed and gravitational waves began to buffet everything. They reached out when they realized we had the short end of the wormhole. They promised they were working on a solution and we needed to do the same- you think these beings will be better at this than us but they were just different. We still didn’t know if somebody had let in this storm by experimenting with Da Vinci blueprints and carbon fiber in his backyard. They canvassed the world. Upturned every law and amendment, brought in every clandestine program and satellite and method of interrogation, checked the side effects of all the new meds, hoping the other side was doing the same. Finally the woman’s son came forward. He said she had gone in search of heaven, through means nobody knew, she had built a door looking for the souls of children she had miscarried. We were brought in with half a million other divers, commercial, technical, military. We were bused to what had once been a charming house, wrapped now in HAZMAT material and overwatched by snipers. We entered a dusty bedroom walk-in closet and parted coatracks and were greeted by a solider to whom we read our full names. He checked a list
and the time and unbolted a huge red panel of alloyed steel and bade us enter the Void.

Through behemoth coalcolored undulations of thunderclouds we fell, landing in a semisolid lake of emerald gel. We cut our way down until at last we fell through
and arrived at a greyskyed desert awash
with broken obelisks and windruffled bushes-
upon examining the monolithic shards we discovered pictish symbols,
names and ideas raised in stone.
We howled out to the wind but there was no answer- we radioed in but there wasn’t even static.
she called out as I crouched to think,
remember you said, wherever we go, we’d never stop searching?
I remember, still searching.
I traced out the shapes on the stones.
I felt I had great right to know what they meant.
The earth began to steam and give off a strong smell of coffee grounds.
Whichever star lit this strange dimension it began to brighten and descend,
until light was awash over everything,
until all the spiraling patterns on the stones were traced and ghosted in light.
I wake to the sound of seals uuurring on rocks and her lips on my shoulder and coffee brewing and realize I must remember to count myself blessed
unlike many people, I wake from one dream into another