View Full Version : Oceanbound

04-14-14, 02:22 PM
Waiting at the sea for my mind to slow down but it won’t.
Above me is one of those Heavensgate dawns with tendrils of fog curling to shore away from the burning solar frieze.
Frieze is a term I learned when once reading a glossary of architectural terms, attempting to fall asleep. It didn’t work. Architecture is full of such strange words. Corbel. Dodecastyle. Epinaos. Formeret. Volute. Volute volute volute.
There is no binding cable or intrinsic code for the spiraling scenes of thought which cascade out as ever across the things I’ve seen, to join them,
to bring them flooding back to the forefront of me where rests nothing and sleep itself is so treasured and blissful I used to avoid getting drunk at parties
because I’m always so
accepting of closing my eyes by any means. The
sun is blooming into a humid cloud now as
the fog rents itself thin across the beach. It’s being
fed in this heat by constant evaporation which carries the usual magic smell that still faintly hints at some sort of preservative, not in a good way, not
going to keep me young forever. Carcasses of gulls and tidefish.
Memories of how I learned to look where I was running.
Or maybe off an instinct buried so deep it takes someone who
comes from a long line of pirates and rogues to know it.
- Oh babe, babe babe. Let’s go on an adventure.