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04-14-14, 02:22 PM
Maybe the sunís size and purpose are misunderstood. Prehaps the core is a dome of brass which spans a three-mile horizon and at the time of our death we are hoisted into it by a great work of cables- the first to die that day is drawn aloft by a stunted rope ladder which presents an easy target at such low heights as the sun rises. By the time you are awake, however, it is probably beyond reach. It is the duty of that first soul to let down harness and hoist the next, and then the two of them join to winch up the third, and so on. And once all the dayís travelers are secure inside the sunís core, a latch shuts behind them and the sun begins to dive. It extinguishes into the sea with no small noise. The water boils and the great portholes shake and glow. At depth things calm, and a cluster of sea life bobs around the huge core- some brought here by the spectacle, some neighbors of this area have long kept it in memory and bring their young to witness. Seals flip, bob, and eye the travelers. As the sun goes deeper all light nearly fades, and they watch flickering images of whales battling squid equal in size- so far off and alien itís like watching different woods burn beside eachother and trying to distinguish individual smokes churning in their coils. Deeper, and beasts flickering with bioluminescant lures gulp up preyfish who are caged by alabaster teeth. At last they come to the bottom, louling beside an orange vent boiling the water all around and pulsing magma across the seafloor like molten moss. A great panic about heaven and hell, mostly hell, begins. The fact that magma starts to smother the brass travelerís bell doesnít help. Everything begins to shake and steam again. The screams reach a high. Some hands join. Knees buckle. Then, inside the now glowing world, a silence falls. And with a terrific, gaining rush of kinetics, the magma runs down the sides and pools benieth and ignites, and the sun rockets to the surface! As it clears the depths the ailments of souls begin to clatter away, pulled out by sheer velocity. Experiences and lessons, loves and hates all gush from the bell to return to the sea. Thousands of days spiral down like bubbles. By the time it clears the surface none of the beings in the shell have any idea what they are or where, remade by the ferocity of their experience. They stumble about, touching and babbling to one another, tapping the walls, rolling in the textures and gaping out of the portholes, until the hatch drops and one by one they sail out to live again. This is reincarnation by hurricane, through velocity and other extremes.