View Full Version : This really happened the way it is told.

03-25-05, 03:54 PM
Oh my gosh let me tell you a story.............

It began early one morning. Hubby was sitting in his chair putting his boots on for work..... and he said "Did you hear that? There is something in the fireplace."
So I grabbed the flashlight and went over to look. I saw something so I asked hubby to come take a look. He looked and said "it looks like a spider" (he hates spiders) so he told me well if you get a ruler you can get it out and kill it.

I sent them out the door and came back in. Something began flying around the room. I went in and checked and the bird was still locked in her cage. Then realization hit me.....IT WAS A BAT ....

I ran around and closed all the doors to the bedrooms and bathrooms.... ran outside and shut the gate on the porch... and opened the front door so it could hopefully fly out. Ran in grabbed a hat off the couch and tucked my hair in it.

I called my daughter cause everyone knows you don't want to be alone during a crisis such as this..... She was telling me to get a trash bag and put it over it.... Thanks T.

Ran into my youngest daughters bedroom and shut the door. Looked around and found the tennis racket.

Took the tennis racket and I was ready for battle.......Stepped out of the bedroom and it came flying at me..... I swung once and connected with a home run...... The bat was down........ It landed on my puter keyboard.....Still breathing....Daughter on the phone said "get a trash bag and grab it... then use a spatula and pick it up.......Again thanks T.

I got the broom and trash can.....put the trash can under the desk and tried to knock the bat into the trash can with the broom... Did it work?????

NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! It falls on the floor and drags itself over to a corner under a table......
So here i am ....hat on head....thinking what in the heck do i do now........ SHOES... MY FEET ARE BARE..... run in put on shoes and grabbed the vacuum cleaner....... hook up vacuum put on longest extensions that i can find and go about sucking that bat into the hose........ Bat puts up a fight trying not to get sucked into the vacuum..... but i am successful.... grab a bag put it over the hose and took the vacuum outside..... where it sat on the porch till hubby got home.

Still in the thinking mode i run to the fireplace and use the tape to tape up any holes I see..... Don't want anymore of them things inside this house......

Hubbies jobs for that night......Light fire in fireplace..... and clean out the vacuum...

I love my vaccum