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04-16-14, 11:01 PM
I think we become most satisfied with art when it finds a practical application. Perhaps this is why I have always fantasized inventor's workshops as cathedrals of clockwork landscaped by bizarre gear trains and heaps of cogs and manipulative tools. The beauty and the duty of creation, the beauty to suit the creator, the duty to suit the world. When I had the chance to design my own workshop I filled it with my dream's fantastic gears and ancient celestial navigation devices, regardless of how much relevance these visuals had to the inventions which were born amongst them. I felt inspired.

In the portal city of Amsterdam I was possessed by the idea to make a mechanical movement, my first creation designed to reveal things already known. I wanted to create a series of gears which tracked, sped up and reversed the movements of the galaxies so we could all see the landscapes of the deep future and past. Set at the farthest time back, my movement would look like a silver sphere all churning with motion, gears slipping and coiling over eachother. Then it would click outward, sounding like an army of galactic beetles, snapping and buzzing into shape, the flat plates of the gears like galaxies with functionally unique teeth to mimic spiral arms. It would swivel and swoop and collide in dance, some sort of celestial summerdown dawning, a condensation of what we believe, so thickly squeezed to fit our time the power of what we behold and what I created is lost to it's own convenience.