View Full Version : Absolutely True Meaning of Life

Baal Moom
04-17-14, 01:20 PM
Control tricks find solutions in crackedly firing swearwordly crocodilian swing parties. Now, we must engage Captain James T. Kirk with some enticing male extraterrestrials, for ****s and giggles and some variety. Clone! You are magnificent, but I must destroy the lobotomy of your soulless behind-quarters, protruding majestically out of an arsetastic debris-hoarder's dream. Imploreness implodes quite remarkably, whereas Jonathan kills cockroaches with very little concern for the well-being of Szymon Peres, Massa of the Universe, demonically meticulous and majestically astrophisicallist.

Bloated hitchhikers course through the galaxy in majestic WinAmps, amassing wealth as they go along death-ridden landscapes, alien and meticulously forbidden by Great Presidents of Old. George Washington the Destroyer, his axe dangling from a belt hanging diagonally on his bare, manly, magnificous, sexaholistic man-chest, drinks fruity smoothies with Yoda and Lord Voldemort, all snuggled comfortably on a large, most delicious bed, riddled with old nosejobs and rusty pensnipes, grinning madly in an orgy of lustful decrepitude.

Lo, Grossness Incarnate, I will put you to your proper place, you slime pouring, guilt hoarding, smut selling croco-pilot of doom. I implore Your Hindness, I beg of Your Arseholeness Supreme to tell me the mysterious arbitration of meticulous enumeration pertaining to decrepit creatures of long forgotten mystical realms, lest I unleash a power of utmost magnitude upon the she-creatures of DommX5, the shores of which are riddled with cave-made clone-machines of yesteryear.

Baal Moom
04-17-14, 02:00 PM
I don't mind writing it, but what was I thinking posting it? I wasn't thinking. Right.