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03-25-05, 09:18 PM
ADHD diagnosis questions
Hi, my name is Deb from Keele University, Staffordshire, and at the moment I am researching ADHD. I have some questions that I would be extremely appreciative if you could answer. Please private message your answers to me or put them on here. Responses will be anonymous and data will be used purely for this research project and nothing else. Categories are used as guidelines only, so feel free to expand on the answers. Thank you!

1. How did you first hear about the ADHD disorder?
Child’s school
Media (TV, radio, newspapers, books etc)
Health worker/clinic
Friends & Family
Other - please provide an explanation

2. Who first suggested that your child could have ADHD?
I did
My child’s other parent did
Family member or friend
Health worker
Other - please provide an explanation

3. How did you do your own research about ADHD? (answer all that apply)
Got information from child’s health worker
ADHD support groups
Specialist books
Media (TV, documentaries, internet, newspapers etc)
Word of mouth

4. What difficulties did you encounter with the diagnostic process?

5. What problems have you had with your experience of ADHD?

03-30-05, 04:20 PM
Please PM this researcher with your responses. Thank you.

04-16-09, 10:26 AM
good luck with ur resurch (lol cant spell)

04-19-09, 10:52 PM
This is only about children? (Many of us are Addults.)