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04-20-14, 01:57 AM
Which type of dopamine receptors are involved in addiction and which type of dopamine receptors are involved in ADHD?


04-20-14, 02:28 AM
I came across a paper not too long ago looking at similarities and differences in adolescents with ADHD vs. adolescents with substance use problems with regard to dopamine receptors (I think), but can't find it right now... I'll get back to you.

Meanwhile, what kinds of addiction are you talking about?
Multiple addictions?

Like a lot of comorbidities, there might be some shared factors and some different factors --
and keep in mind that the associations seen at the population level may not be seen in any given individual;
there are almost certainly multiple paths to both ADHD and to addiction.

Also, a lot of studies have produced equivocal or contradictory findings about different dopamine receptors / transporters and associations with ADHD (or addictions).

So, as just some examples (not an exhaustive list, and some of these we might find out aren't quite right, and certainly not universal):

For pathological gambling (, the dopamine receptors 2 & 4, and dopamine transporters have been implicated, but so have other neurotransmission pathways involving norepinephrine and serotonin.

For alcoholism (, dopamine receptor 2 has been studied (but with mixed findings), along with opioid receptors, alcohol dehydrogenase variations, the GABA-A receptor, and other factors.

With ADHD (, dopamine receptors 4 and 5 have been implicated, possibly dopamine transporter 1, along with several other regulators of neurotransmitter activity.

Also, here's the list of search results for "dopamine receptors" on the National Institute on Drug Abuse website ( of the US National Institutes of Health). You might find some useful references in there.

04-20-14, 03:25 AM
Thanks Namazu,

Great thread outline. :)

I have lots of interest in the choice of substance type (why people choose their particular preference "drug/addictive behavior")

I have never compared those topics with specific brain areas/function, specific type of dopamine before.

Good way to learn about the different types of dopamine.

I will need to read up on some topics.

I want to consider more about these topics from your post from an Affective Perspective as well.

Interesting stuff. (might take me a while to reply and I really appreciate the help)



07-10-14, 01:20 AM
In case anyone is interested, Coursera have a free 6 week online course on neuro of addiction: The Addicted Brain (