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04-21-14, 11:04 AM
And people aren't going to like this - but we're witnessing (in ADDer) the emergence of a ketone body optimised biochemistry.

A ketone body optimised biochemistry.

What's there to know about this type of biochemistry ?
Exercise + low GI carbs + low levels vegan protein + MUFA-rich foods I guess.

2 hours exercise can deplete blood glucose levels.

Nothing wrong with a Cyclic ketogenic Diet - keep up BMR,mitochondrial biogenesis - simply lose 'ketosis' and 2 hours post-exercise you're there again.

Have to exercise - can't stop... ... ...

Of particular note and referenced previously:

--- Definitely ---

Random observations of note

[1] Ketone bodies = HDAC inhibitors <- anti-growth, anti-proliferation - endogenous anti-cancer/anti-inflamatory disorder

[2] Ketone bodies = suppress oxidative stress (cortisol drives oxidative stress) - the basis to premature ageing, cancer ... ...

[3] Ketone bodies bypass complex I and so 'divorce' carb and fat breakdown into acetyl CoA (glycolysis, citric acid cyle) from feeding the mitochondria - note Warburg effect thwarted - the basis to cancer

[4] I am experiencing muscle relaxation when in exercise-induced ketosis =
pro-GABA (glutamate=excitotoxin) - exact same effect as the diazepam class of drugs which are muscular relaxants ... ... and operate through promoting GABA-ergic activity.

[5] I am experiencing less pain in ketosis - teeth, joints, back.
note - I think that blood glucose supercharges us - ie we are overcranked upon blood glucose elevation -we're custom designed to live in ketosis - note not requiring a special diet (see above) - but requiring exercise.
-- similarities to seldom feast, daylong hunts without food [IN THE SUN]* as we

* I want to somehow connect the burning of food ie food + Oxygen -> energy (calorimetry) to electrical flow - ie to see the basis of the chemical process of deriving energy from food via the electron transport chain as a kinda' - OILRIG - oxidation is loss of electrons - well imagine plugging a light into an electrical socket ie to see us as electrically powered devices ... ... because then I can harness melanin (you would not believe the intensity of dopamine chills I get from relatively intense sun/heat) - as a solar panel generating electrical flow - to power our mortal coils.

04-21-14, 11:19 AM
Thing is - is that all I'm suggesting is that the cure for cancer (and all other common diseases) is achieved as simply as a diet of low GI veggies, walking for hours and hours, and elimination of distress (see epidemiology for a comprehensive list).

IE no fancy food, no fancy supplements, no fancy drugs, no healthcare, absolutely nothing that we can not ALL have.

Note - see relative absence of cancer, Parkinson's, Alzheimers in the aged/ageing population on Athos - and the paper on expiratory acetone (a sign of ketone metabolism).
The acetone dominated everything else. It's a smell familiar to many people who have never fasted.

Note - fasting + exercise + caloric restriction <- result in mitochondrial biogenesis AND in driving us ever further into the ketosis state
- ketosis is the way for every Jedi to improve their force.


The emergence of a species which has pushed past the material world paradigm (duality) of blood glucose elevation (high) and blood glucose elevation (low)
- and handed it on for the more efficient process of ketone body metabolism.

04-22-14, 08:05 AM
Through feed-back regulation, ketones are known to down regulate glycolytic rates ...

In oncology, the Warburg effect is the observation that most cancer cells predominantly produce energy by a high rate of glycolysis

04-22-14, 08:40 AM
The metabolism of the malaria parasite utilizes up to 75 times more glucose than uninfected erythrocytes. Glucose is vital for Plasmodium.

Ketones as a preventative treatment for malaria.

Cancer and Malaria.

Red blood cells and Liver cells - malaria parasites favourite 2 locations as the 2 places where ketones cannot be used.
Generally accepted that malaria parasite (infectious diseases) have exerted strong influence on genome development.

So - we've actually a mechanism by which the diseases of the West (or affluence) ie obesity-related and the diseases of the East (or poverty) ie starvation/infectious disease
- can be solved/understood using the same paradigm - which is essentially moving away from glucose as fuel.
? low levels of vegan protein in diet (as suggested above) to power rbc/liver.

That's a big deal.

I think we'll find all infectious diseases - noting connection between eg viral oncogenes and cellular oncogenes.

And the connection above relating histone deacetylation inhibition to anti-proliferation - generally the virus catches a lift on cellular proliferation to itself proliferate and so knocking down cellular proliferation will impact the micro-organism sufficiently for our immune system to recognize/eliminate.

Note - connection between infectious disease susceptibility and cancer isn't surprising - because it's the evolutionary characteristic of micro-organism ie growth capacity eg in virus - which was 'captured' when re-phrased within the genome as a growth factor.

04-22-14, 09:07 AM
Rack these 3 up also - as solved through shifting into ketosis :
Early androgenetic alopecia as a marker of insulin resistance.
benign prostatic hyperplasia, male pattern baldness and acne.

04-22-14, 09:18 AM
Covered previously - bipolar disorder eg bipolar/epilepsy medicine often similar eg
In recent years, several anticonvulsant medications have become recognized as mood stabilizers to treat or prevent mood episodes in bipolar disorder.

Epilepsy treated (provably) by ketosis diet - elimination of glucose spikes and mood lability in bipolar disorder presumably also related to blood glucose fluctuations.

Also valproic acid (treatment for bipolar disorder) - HDAC inhibitor

beta-hydroxybutyrate similarly <- ie an endogenous treatment for bipolar disorder realised through shifting from blood glucose -> ketone usage.

04-22-14, 09:25 AM
What's the essential problem ?
You've gotta' have a reward system which has shifted off blood glucose elevation/reduction ie pleasure / pain duality = primitive reward system.

Competition between primitive ("to take" - prefrontal cortex) and higher reward system (anterior cingulate cortex - "to give") - occurring in ADD - disposal of lower / selfish / primitive reward strategy ie ADDers adopt a new reward mechanism.

Happy ADDers in ketosis.

Emergence of a new species - Homo neosapiens sapienses - an enforcedly social organism.
Why enforcedly ? Because we can't get no satisfaction (ie no reward) from behaviours (competition/materialism/hierarchy/titles/ownership etc etc) which can be rewarding to Homo sapiens sapiens ... ... however - it should be noted that Homo sapiens sapiens does have a choice - and can elect to follow the ADDer reward system (or the selfish reward system).

We don't get a choice - but who wants to live in a society (as a happy member of society) which is drawn to immoral self-destruction of everything ?

04-22-14, 09:33 AM
A ketone body optimised biochemistry

requiring low physical* and psychological** distress.

* By eustress/mitochondrial biogenesis favouring mechanisms including a certain profile of food (proper organic vegan low GI fresh) and shelter to all (co-operative structures to generate sustainable zero energy housing and food).

Note - attracted to desert solar power converted into hydrogen and piped to people as energy source.

** By equality - all limiting resources shared, nothing individually owned unless we all can have one, end to money/legal systems/government by elite ... ...

04-22-14, 09:42 AM

- solved by the same route to solution of ADHD.
Thus, there clearly is an overlap in the symptomatology of the two disorders.

04-22-14, 11:27 AM
General idea expressed above eliminates (prevents) all of the following

Cardio+Cerebro vascular disease + Alzheimer's disease
Parkinson's disease
Auto-immune diseases
Other Inflammatory diseases particularly including atopy (asthma/hayfever)
Starvation/poverty related eg Contaminated water <- wisdom structure of mind of ADD
Bipolar disease
Psychopathy (the person who loves money)
Infectious diseases (covered - parasite,virus,bacteria)
Hair-loss/Benign prostatic hyperplasia/Acne
Hyper-sexual behaviour and all other self-medications eg Alcohol,smoking,gambling

Also to education (ie how to educate to wisdom) - to solving STDs (noting hypersexual behaviour through blood glucose elevation/distress of Western living)
Osteoarthritis/Osteoporosis - see vegan Ca2+ and exercise (osteopenia in spaceflight)
IBS/Crohn's disease - see soluble fibre in vegan diet removing insoluble fibre, opiates eg caseomorphin, endotoxins (see Clett Erridge on all animal products and processed vegetable products)

Surgery - ie heart/cancer/liver etc problems eliminated therefore no more need for surgery

Premature ageing - the basic protocols for mitochondrial biogenesis are in keeping with delaying ageing (caloric restriction and lifespan extension in many exptal models)

Back pain - cholesterol buildup in hard-working parts of body ie like heart - eliminated with this new lifestyle + see muscular relaxation with pro-GABA reduced glutamate excitotoxin activity

Tooth decay - with a low GI diet will be eliminated and with proper calcium absorption (plant source) - stronger teeth/nails

Myopia - "tendency towards myopia has always been associated with elevations in blood glucose."

Extreme sport related disease - self-medication and hence eliminated

ALS - mitochondrial dysfunction ... ... solved by the method above

Somatic mutations (ie spontaneous genetic disorders) - a quiescent/non-distressed system will be less likely to be driven into spontaneous mutation.

High divorce rates - self-medication via sexual activity - systematizing / empathising developed only when compatible ie no systematizing if immoral, empathising in a rational (systematizing way) -> pair-bond formation -> leading to:
-> Autism being overcome

Common cold - see paper on cortisol resistance, PNAS (assessment susceptibility to cold under chronic stress - increased).

Racism (and all other -isms) - wisdom structure of mind combats any divisive tendency of mind.

Child abuse - see high divorce rate reduction.

04-23-14, 04:43 AM
Finally - and back 10 years.

To be clear, we believe that AD/HD is symptomatic of an ongoing speciation event. There is quite a bit of evidence to support that idea, and in general a fair amount of interest in the idea that a speciation event may currently be under way. But as far as I know, we are the first to associate it with AD/HD.

The nature of the change required to bring about such an event is far more unassuming than you might expect. We hypothesize that a small, slow shift in brain chemistry over the last five thousand years or so is responsible, with the magnitude currently of about the same order as the normal variation among individuals.

Just acquisition under stress of inherited histone acetylation marks (epialleles) until the histome is covered - whereupon - emergence of an individual that has shifted from blood glucose to ketone body metabolism.



A small change in brain chemistry - acquisition of entire histome histone acetylation until the histome is complete - whereby emergence of an individual requiring to spend their life under ketosis.

Exercise <- hit the wall training
Low GI foods <- fresh vegan
No distress (a world without money)


Inherited nature of common disorders through histome [+] NOT genome [-].
All diseases a consequence of selection for efficient ketone body metabolism / social reward system -- in a social environment of selfishness - results in distress to ADDers, self-medication through high sugar/high fat foods -> disease, particularly to those (ADDers) who're custom designed to live without blood glucose as key energetic substrate.

04-24-14, 02:27 PM


When I am considering your insights.

I am finding even as a person who has ADHD, my own selfishnesses, are my greatest obstacles.


04-24-14, 03:04 PM
Converging results link histone acetylation dynamics to hippocampus-dependent memory, including evidence that histone deacetylase inhibitor (HDACi) administration enhances long-term memory.

Memory collapse in ADHD and Memory collapse in ageing (in both nonADDers and ADDers).

04-24-14, 03:06 PM


When I am considering your insights.

I am finding even as a person who has ADHD, my own selfishnesses, are my greatest obstacles.


I'm pretty sure that when we lose ego - we also lose the blood glucose elevation (pleasure) paradigm - and so losing ourself is an important requisite in making the transition (happy) to ketogenic energetics.

04-24-14, 03:12 PM
As simply as possible.

Evolutionary fight between carbohydrate (ancient) and fat (modern) fuel source.

Fat will win - but to win - it needs us to get over the attraction to it and protein (sweet,umami) - protein highly gluconeogenic.

Carbs/Protein - great for growth via Insulin/IGF-1 [Protein very strongly gluconeogenic ~60%]
Fat - agent of maintenance/'metabolism'. [Fat very weakly gluconeogenic ~5%]

Note though that in the world at large - we're witnessing the battle between fat (oil) and solar energy (also via Hydrogen harvesting) for our fuel of choice.

04-24-14, 03:23 PM
grrrr! Wasn't expecting that.

Dietary Proteins Contribute Little to Glucose Production, Even Under Optimal Gluconeogenic Conditions in Healthy Humans

04-26-14, 01:50 AM
As far as I can see - it's just as simple as.

Physical [inappropriate food] DIStress -> cortisol/SNS resistance
Psychological [consequence of needing money to survive] DIStress -> cortisol/SNS resistance

SNS resistance -> loss of appetite regulation

High GI and High protein consumption -> Activation of Insulin/IGF-1 axis

Activation of Insulin/IGF-1 axis -> growth paradigm
Reduced function mutations in the insulin/IGF-I signaling pathway increase maximal lifespan and health span in many species.
People with Laron syndrome ( have also recently been shown to be of much less risk to develop cancer.[ (

Fasting, including intermittent fasting (, can reduce IGF-1 levels rapidly and dramatically

Excess growth -> cancer, auto-immune diseases etc ... ...


Elimination of distress
Regain appetite regulatory mechanism
Eat appropriately resulting in a speedy shift from 'growth' (Insulin/IGF-1) into maintenance (mitochondrial energetics most notably via MUFA fat/ketone bodies ie b-hydroxybutyrate/gut biome butyrate from fibre fermentation).


So - no real intervention required other than making food/shelter a birthright to all global citizens.

04-26-14, 02:23 AM
The reason why I find complete fasting difficult - and best accomplished when it's warm.

I get really cold.

Non-shivering thermogenesis is regulated mainly by thyroid hormone ( and the sympathetic nervous system (

So SNS resistance -> lose access to thermogenesis.

04-26-14, 02:34 AM
Thus, the PVN, unlike any other brain site, has direct influence over both sympathetic and parasympathetic outflow. Furthermore, the PVN receives direct sympathetic and parasympathetic afferent inputs from trigeminal pars caudalis (sympathetic) and the nucleus of the solitary tract (parasympathetic). The PVN therefore is the only brain site in a closed efferent-afferent reflex loop with both the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems.
VASOPRESSINSo - SNS resistance leads to endocrine resistance (TRH reduced levels - cold, CRH reduced levels manifested as cortisol insufficiency ie pro-inflammatory, vasopressin insufficiency - ? postural hypotension particularly when fasting ?).


Sympathetic nervous system -> Medial hypothalamus (PVN) -> anorexigenic
Parasympathetic nervous system -> Lateral hypothalamus -> orexigenic

Reduced SNS flow (increased PNS flow) results in a 'slower' organism.


Still solution stands - eliminate psych. distress (by equality) to correct diseases.


Adding PTSD to the list of diseases treated by elimination of distress
- though the stressor in PTSD will also be eliminated in a rational world (ie no wars, no reactive (a consequence of poverty) generation of violent criminals)


Problem - how do ADDers behave morally if wisdom structure of mind hasn't been attained ?
Worried about this - ie ADDers can't know (until wisdom structure) whether something's moral or not.

Solution - empathy geared rather than systematizing geared (nonADDers) - ie learning is driven via empathy - meaning that a 'wisdom' structure of mind will develop naturallY.
It's essential that empathy (female archetype) guides systematizing (ie systems we introduce)
- in such a way we generate a functional society which is in keeping with species wellbeing.

So - heightened empathic connection underlies ADDer nature.

Now - connect this idea back to the reward system (mirror neurones of the reward systems of others) in the anterior cingulate cortex.
Fix ADDers with this reward system ie feel reward when others feel reward

- and we've the basis for the ADDer reward system, and why SNS resistance (distress) occurs when we attempt to engage in systems which bring about no empathic reward.
We obtain zero reward - and to take part in any such systems - need to take reward in a bottle.

The stimulants or SNS activating class of drugs.


So - the connection between psychological stress and the sympathetic nervous system as the basis to the ADDer condition.

04-26-14, 03:03 AM
Reduced SNS flow (increased PNS flow) results in a 'slower' organism.
It is concluded ADHD in childhood is associated with abnormal parasympathetic mechanisms involved in emotion regulation.