View Full Version : Non-medicinal therapies for Tourettes?

03-26-05, 02:30 AM
I'm wondering if anybody else here has tried non-medicinal therapies for Tourettes? I can't seem to find much information on it online . . . but ever since I learned that I have Tourettes and ADD around 9, and told my parents I didn't want to take drugs (I'm still amazed they gave me an option), I've been trying out alternative methods for reducing my tics.

I've been practicing focus-based meditation since middle school--instead of "clearing my mind," I focus on one specific event or thought or idea and concentrate all my energy into it. I notice that my tics completely disappear when I'm in a heightened state of awareness such as when I'm drawing or writing (it's what I do for a living) or studying Torah (not the religious experience, per se, but rather the intense study that goes into it creates a similar state akin to my creative endeavors). Anything that requires my full attention and is challenging and something I enjoy is like my little pill.

Now, is this just me, or have other people noticed this? I've never tried drug-based therapies for my tourettes, but I still somehow seem better able to "control" it because of this, including obsessive thoughts and behaviors which I used to have particular trouble with when I was a child, and always seemed worse than the tics themselves.

I still have tics, but I mentally "move" them to another part of my body by wiggling my toes or fingers and sometimes even by chewing gum. ^_^; Where they used to be pretty noticeable, I now only have problems if I'm extremely aggitated but can't let out my aggitation or anger for fear or hurting the other person's feelings (such as the middle of quarrel), otherwise, I just have an annoying habit (to other people) of tapping things. *lol*

Anyway . . . I just thought I'd share some of my experiences . . . :\ I sometimes think I have a near phobia of any kind of drugs (even advil or ibuprofen--but it typically runs the gamut) and so I've kinda been forced to find alternative therapies on their own. I just wish I had actual information on this kind of stuff when I was younger and needed it most. :\