View Full Version : ADD ADHD Treatment Breakthrough? New Research May Mean Yes.

04-24-14, 01:50 PM
ADD ADHD Treatment ( may become more effective in the future..

Researchers at the Journal of Neuroscience think that both genetic and environmental factors may play a role in someone developing ADHD symptoms.

"This is the first study to reveal our brains rely on an active suppression mechanism to avoid being distracted by salient irrelevant information when we want to focus on a particular item or task."

A doctoral student named John Gaspar along with help from his teacher John Mcdonald show this evidence in John's master's thesis research. The study concludes that an "active suppression mechanism to avoid being distracted by salient irrelevant information" by our brain's is the way we process stimuli. It is now thought that these active processes by our bodies have a direct affect on people who have both ADHD and Schizophrenia. The researchers next goal is to find more information as to why some of us are better at successfully processing this stimuli. Could this be a big break through that leads to new successful ways to combat ADHD without the use of stimulants like Adderall and Ritalin?

I am interested to know if this leads to new psychological techniques for ADD ADHD treatments or if it leads to the reinforcement of these established drug treatments. What are your thoughts about these new findings?