View Full Version : Would Inderal (propranolol) help with headaches from stims?

04-25-14, 12:17 PM
Long story short, I fell into a pretty deep depression last fall and was given ritalin to counteract the sedation affects of the antidepressants. It was blissful at first and gave me the energy to get back into the world and it helps the depression.

But I almost feel like I made a deal with the devil. On ritalin I often get really intense tension headaches that don't respond to OTC meds. My doc tried switching to adderall, but the headaches got even worse so I'm thinking that I'm stuck with ritalin for the time being. The hardest part is that the headaches are causing anxiety and keeping me stuck in the depression cycle. Otherwise, I'm pretty sure I'd be on my way up right now rather than stuck in the loop.

I know that interal is used for chronic headaches. Have any of you used it successfully in combination with ritalin?


Current meds: remeron, klonopin .5/day, ritalin 10 mgs/day

04-25-14, 03:20 PM
Not sure about inderal but I get headaches on stims when I don't drink enough or don't eat regularly.

04-25-14, 04:31 PM
Thanks, Fuzzy12. After three days of really wicked headaches on Adderall and being spaced out beyond belief, I went back to ritalin today while making sure to drink a big glass of water and eat with each dose. While we were on vacation a few weeks ago I was pretty much headache free so I tried to recall what was different and I realized that I was eating more and drinking a lot more water.

While I feel slight head pressure behind my eyes and in my sinus area (which is pretty much always there with the ritalin...I'm still trying to get used to it), it's definitely workable and the first real break in headaches that I've had in three weeks, which explains why I asked about Inderal. I was beginning to get desperate.