View Full Version : Coming Down From Dreams

04-25-14, 12:37 PM
Let's make it a dead day, unfurnished with all the frivolous notions which clutter minds so wildly. You know I'm never looking back. There is no solace in the usual head hopes, only outward mobility. Keep your goals simple and maybe someday you'll be happy again. For now happiness is a distraction you can ill afford. Your ships, around which rubble you lie, were battered against the rockline by your ecstatic and jovial waves of happiness until the surge dashed them and floated their shattered wreckage to a vast and lifeless shore which leads out to a dead dog desert you can only cross by casting aside all distractions. The waves beseech you, surf kissing gently at your feet for forgiveness, offering you their spoils, cords of rope and water to drink on your travels. But the seawater will do you no good here, and the ropes are useless except to burn. This is the way it all came dying down. These moments, in either a final descent or a level gauge of what lies ahead, will not be excused, or drugged away, or left without providing consequence.