View Full Version : urine test for autism

04-25-14, 07:15 PM
the cleveland clinics autism division is top notch (makes me a little proud of my city)

their behavioral integration treatment for autism has such fantastic results , people from around the country are flying in to enroll their kids

they just replicated positive results in urine tests for autism before symptoms appear

some junk with metabolism (SB UK probably would be more knowledgable about it)

awesome stuff cleveland!

04-25-14, 08:58 PM
Is this what you're talking about, DaveDD?

"An Easy Autism Test?" (

04-25-14, 09:01 PM
yes , that looks like it

i just saw an interview with dr eng

she said she replicated the results, she still wants to continue to as well

i think just even one replication is something to be hopeful for, especially there, they are really good there