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04-26-14, 06:44 PM
Since I have been taking adderall. I dont feel sexy at all. It seems like the sexy part of me has gone in the trash.
Honestly I can care less about getting all pretty and done up.
But when I am not taking the meds. I feel all sexy again.
Any tips.

04-27-14, 03:08 AM

No, really though...It could be side effects that go beyond just not feeling like getting done up, in which I would talk to your doc if it's lowering your self-esteem drastically, you're unhappy with weight changes that can come along with the medication, or that your libido is shot. Maybe your dose needs to be adjusted, you need to try something else, or maybe there is some other co-morbid issue that comes to the forefront when the ADHD is taken care of and needs to be addressed separately, like depression.

But it could just be that with meds comes lifestyle changes that cause you to prioritize differently. If without the meds you can get overly caught up in dolling yourself up (this is an issue for me sometimes) or impulse buy new clothes and beauty products (HUGE issue for me), and all of a sudden these things stop on meds, then it might be as simple as reminding yourself that it's okay to set a little bit of time or money each week on something that makes you feel great (like a manicure, learning a new hairstyle trick, getting yourself a cheap pair of cute earrings, new lipstick...pick your poison). Maybe finding a way to streamline your beauty routine would motivate you more to stick to it and stay in the habit. I got Wrap, Snap, and Go curlers, which are these curlers you can sleep on with your hair slightly damp or dry with gel/mousse/flexible hold hairspray, and they take like ten minutes tops to put in and are SUPER comfortable to sleep in, and I feel like a bombshell every day this week because my hair has tons of volume and curl when I wake up without having really done anything but sleep and throw some hairspray or dry shampoo in it after I take the rollers out. I also started doing my eye makeup a little differently (cat eyeliner with a really nice neutral palette that makes my eyes pop), bought a couple of new summer dresses on eBay that were within my budget, and got a thing of gradual self tanner. Little things like that can make me feel great if I'm not feeling vixeny for any reason.

04-27-14, 04:15 AM
ehh my sexy went out the window with menopause as did my give a damn about it - I learned why old women will walk around in the front yards wearing their PJs . . . :D

04-28-14, 06:37 AM
Girliesogroovy. Your pic gave me a big smile. Thank you I needed that.

No, problem with weight here! Im a bargain shopper, so impulse buying for me is like spending 63 cents. lol.
Ive just started really getting into make up. hmmmmm now that my dear can be addictive. Im a person that loves color. So I know that I have to stay clear of that.

Ill just try to treat myself once a week or something with in my budget.

04-28-14, 06:38 AM
Meadd 823.,

04-28-14, 11:06 PM
Makeup is really fun and a great way to make yourself feel beautiful. And it can be a budget friendly hobby. Coastal Scents sells giant palettes of like every eyeshadow imaginable for less than $20. The eyeshadow is fairly good quality from what I've read. Haven't bought one yet, but it seems like a great way to play with colors and see what looks best on you. Wet n Wild used to be crappy but now a lot of their stuff is actually pretty good quality for the price! Especially their lipstick! Also, if you look on eBay there are adorable Korean brands that have the cutest packaging ever and are good quality/budget friendly, like étude house, tony moly, and skin food! Ruby ruby shop on eBay is where I buy a lot of that stuff. I like to play with techniques like contouring with cheap stuff then if I really like a color on me I'll get something similar by a nice brand. Also if you live by a department store with makeup counters you can go and get your makeup done for free by the makeup artists if you're in real need of a pick me up! I know that Kohls does that. They'll usually want you to buy something but I just get something that I really liked that they used on me. They taught me some good tricks like what color to tint my brows with.