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04-28-14, 07:46 PM
Hi New to the forums!
I just recently got diagnosed with ADD. Im 26 years old married with a beautiful daughter. ADD has really put a lot of pressure on my marriage and work and has put my Wife and I to the test. I'm so glad that I finally went to see a Dr and have been prescribed medication that has put me on the right track for success now.

Being new to Ritalin and trying to figure out my dosage has been very difficult. I don't want to abuse the drug but I feel that I have a high tolerance to stimulants. The Dr started me on 2 5mg tablets 3 times a day total of 30mg in a day. In all honesty at 10 mg I don't feel a huge difference in my focus or concentration which is very important for my job. I'm in a high commission only job so when I lose focus all day I'm not getting work down which means I'm not getting paid.

I have bumped up my dosage slowly and have gotten to 25 mg at once and still not feeling the focus and euphoric feeling and sense of overall confidence. I'm still easily distracted and can feel my self wondering in my thoughts and not being able to start or finish tasks. I have read that anything over 60mg in a day is considered high. At the rate I'm going I will be easily hitting 90mg within a day and don't know if this a good idea to continue upping my dosage or if I should switch to a new medicine. There are so many options and to be honest I'm overwhelmed. I want the medicine to help and I can feel it work with minor affect but its not working where I need it to work the most right now. I

will be seeing my Psychologist this Wednesday but wanted to reach out to the community and see if I can get some advice or recommendations it would be greatly appreciated!

04-29-14, 04:29 AM
There is a reason you put this in the subsance abuse secion eh?
Well, you have chosed to take nearly all of your prescribed dose in one dose and feel like taking it the doctor's way is a waste of time? It may be that you need a higher dose or a different med but if you just adjust your dose on your own without doctor approval then when you go back to the doctor and he asks you whats up, what will you say? You havent given his guidelines a chance to see if they are any good you just skipped to the finish line. You may actually need a different med but you will never really know what works at what dose if you dont actually follow what the doctor tells you for a good week or two at a time.

05-31-14, 12:41 AM
I have a similar experience. I just got diagnosed and the doctor prescribed me Ritalin twice a day (10mg tablet once in the morning, and once at noon). While I do feel "something" happening, I don't get the expected benefits and only feel a bit sluggish and slightly nauseous (only very slightly though). I tried myself to higher the dose with half a pill (5mg) and after a couple of hours from taking the first, prescribed, dose and could feel a much bigger positive difference (and so could my partner). I realize that I should follow the doctors prescription, but I also think it makes sense for me to adjust the dosage so it provides the desired effect.

In terms of the dosage, my doctor told me that the maximum dose of Ritalin is 60mg/24h. Perhaps this is only the standard "one-size-fits-all" maximum level, but I would be very careful to take more than that without the doctors specific approval/prescription. I do see here on the forums that a lot people seem to take 80 or even 100mg/day, but not sure if there are different kinds of Ritalin or if the effects may be different combined with other drugs.