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04-29-14, 12:37 PM
hi, im just heading out from speaking with mi PD, and he told me to swich from remeron (Mirtazapine) to Cymbalta (Duloxetine), so I can begin to use with Concerta. I used to take concerta before, with pristiq. some months ago I wear off this meds, and then started with remeron and became a good option until i started to eat alot, and my levels of Tryglecerids went up (260). I suffer from ADD, with Generalised Anxiety. I made some searchig for a better Anti Depressant, and I came with the idea of starting to take celexa, but my PD thinks Cymbalta is a good option, any recomendations?

04-29-14, 06:55 PM
Interesting. My pdoc also suggested Cymbalta. I wasn't so sure about went back to Celexa which was great for the 1st week but now just makes me extremely tired. I'd sleep all day if I could. Strangely enough I now have trouble sleeping at night, feel tired but restless...

Also put on 5 lbs...from the Celexa. I feel like a slug...let me know how the Cymbalta works

04-30-14, 04:25 AM
If I remember correctly, Celexa is an SSRI and Cymbalta is an SNRI. With Bipolar in particular for me, SSRI"s made everything worse but cymbalta teh SNRI has been a life saver. They are different classes of drugs so thats something to consider before switching.

04-30-14, 04:01 PM
how horrible is the sexual side effect of celexa?? does it kills your libido completely?

04-30-14, 04:17 PM
I also ate non-stop and gained weight on Celexa.
I can't remember when I had any libido, so no help from me on that.

04-30-14, 04:39 PM
has anyone tried mixing Celexa with concerta? i kind of think that ssri lowers your sexual desire because of the serotnin effect on the dopamine, so probably there must be a postive effect mixing a ssri with an stimulant med

04-30-14, 07:48 PM
I don't know about Concerta but I'll tell you that not even 45 mg of Dexedrine helps me break through the mental fog and sluggishness that Celexa is causing me. And I'm on a low anxiety, no more panic attacks but soooo very tired.

04-30-14, 08:58 PM
I have been taking 20mg of Celexa for about two weeks now. And it has drastically helped me. It has regulated my moods (I was having some serious rage issues), increased my patience, relieved much of my anxiety and negative thoughts, as well as generally made me happier. I give it a huge thumbs up so far. It may have slightly lowered sex drive and I did experience some delayed climax but that seems to be subsiding. It may be slightly making my focus worse (which is not good) and it may be sapping some of my motivation (which was already lacking) but I can live with that for all the good things I'm getting from it. I started it after a friend of mine with similar ADHD told me he has been on it for a year and it has changed his life.

I'm also in the trial stage of Ritalin IR to try to combat these other issues and not having great success.

Best of luck

05-01-14, 01:06 AM
And how bout the cymbalta, can it take the libido off to? Any bad or good experiences

05-19-14, 07:34 PM
Im starting the 3rd week of cymbalta, so far it has been awful, i dont sleep well and in daytime i feel extremly tired, and dont feel motivated at all (mide be temporal) i hope this awful side effects disappear by week 5 or 6, i also have noticed constipation, and i dont know if it have taken my libido away, i also take avodart for my hair (wich can indeed take the libido) so i dont realy know wich medicine is affecting. I am using concerta 27 to take away the somnolence, so by far this has been working a little.

05-27-14, 12:37 AM
5 weeks of apathy and no resolve ? Man , if I had one month like that I'd be out of a job

05-27-14, 01:10 PM
Im speculating a little about the benefit of cymbalta in comparison of pristiq (wich I dranked for 3 years aprox) I think that there will be less side effects, and will make me work well through the rest of the day.

05-31-14, 02:33 AM
Which do you speculate is better ? Pristiq over cymbalta ?

Yes probably agree there

06-01-14, 05:01 PM
So which is better? Pristiq or Cymbalta? In terms of energy and not making a person constipated. I hear Cymbalta will just make you a vegetable....fatigue...apathy..etc

06-03-14, 01:08 AM
All ssri and snri compromise the neurological pathways and affect DA, thus has an effect on a your attentional system .

Cymbalta is not de motivating as pristiq can be too

06-03-14, 03:17 PM
So far I have been seeing good results, I can feel less anxtiety, and less nervousness, I normaly suffer fron social anxiety, and panic disorder. But now I feel very good, my attention is working good, and i feel less constipaded. Im gooi g to see my PD today so I can talk about of the next step in this thearpy.

Concerta: 27mg
Cymbalta: 30mg
Xanax: .25 for the temporal inssomnia of the cymbalta adjustment

06-04-14, 10:29 PM
So now you have adjusted and feel better with the cymbalta? I too ha e anxiety and it's messing up how I do things frantically daily . I'd be better off more at ease . The snri class was better in the sense that I felt motivated more vs the ssri class

06-05-14, 10:27 PM
Yeah, I'm beginning to think that SNRI would be a better way to go for me as well. The SSRI (Prozac) is fine, it mellows me out but I've lost my ambition and drive. Everything just feels soooo good which is nice for a change but it bothers me that I'm not looking forward to lifting weights anymore or that I'm becoming more of a douche.

06-06-14, 12:57 AM
Snri can be good for anxiety, and can have less side effect than the ssri, but still i dont know if the dopamine can be affected by an snri.

I agree with my PD that i may have just found the perfect ad for me, i realy dont like to be on meds, but dealing with anxiety and add is a little dificult for me, i have been afraid of stimulants my howl life, because of the anxiety effect, but know i can be less distracted and more motivated

06-17-14, 01:23 AM
This stuff is messing with my mind, i will shortly wear it of. It seems to be sedating me too much and is messing with my memory and cordination, i still feel apathic, and not concentraded, and dont make motivated. It just didnt work the way i wanted to. Will try to just take the concerta and se if there s any sign of anxiety.