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04-29-14, 11:57 PM
I have recently been diagnosed with hypersensitivity dysphoria - co in siding with my ADHD. Does anyone else here have it?

I am noting that when I get it, it can last months years and I go on the 'wild side' sexually.
Just after my separation from from my ex, I went professional for some time.
Now that I think of it, when I have dysphoria, I love soft emotional music like ABBA- but when i recover I am into heavy metal. When I was a child I wondered if I was a girl or not.

When I have dysphoria I seek sex with men[ I am a pillow man]. This desire, although never goes away, tends to drop off as I recover and alternatives are found to full fill the purpose.
When I have dysphoria, I will have sex with anyone, my prostittution bill raises considerably. I will also seek certain fetishes. I mean I really go out there when I have dysphoria.

I want to know if anyone else here has similar issues? What do you notice when suffering from dysphoria? how do you cope with it? what do you do?


04-30-14, 11:07 AM
Ok, this is a new one.

So you and your psyc are indicating you have dysphoria (depression, i.e. difficult to bear, unhappy, etc), which causes you to want the dirty, dirty from men, and your mental condition causes you to engage in paid conduct as in the movie Deuce Bigalow?

Moreover, as you stated in your post you're a "pillow man," I'm assuming we could equate that as a wide receiver in the NFL.

This might come as a huge revelation, but could it be possible that you're a closeted homosexual having difficulty coming to terms with your sexuality and/or gender? Or, is it possible you have some kind of sexual addiction? I'm not familiar with depression increasing sex drive or desires for such.

05-01-14, 02:37 AM
USM, When I feel like this I tend to go out and have all the sex I can. Much more than usual. It is not sex addiction at all- I have considered that. I am not a closet case as i am open about my bisexuality. I don't know what you mean by NFL etc. But Yes I like to 'recieve' which is primarily why I have sex with men. I have coome to terms with my complex sexuality so it is not some form of Fruedian frustration.
This is an observation I have made. Perhaps it is a reaction to the feeling of rejection I get or some form of coping mechanism. Having said that, I have a strong libido at the best of times.
Recently I have been on anti depressants- so activity is low.

What else I do is listen to emotional music such as ABBA or Bangles, Blondie etc.
In short I tend to my feminine half a good deal more during these moments of depression.

Does anyone else get this?