View Full Version : Perfectionism Hindering my Study.. SSRI's?

05-01-14, 06:28 AM
Hi guys,

I currently take 5mg dexedrine 2X daily.
I'm in my third year of Uni. Under some pressure here, and feel I have the over focused rigid thinking style of ADD. I feel like stimulant meds we great for working boring repetitive jobs. But now as an academic, they bring out the perfectionism in me a lot to the point of being slightly OCD.
My style of studying is to focus read everything thoroughly.
I never feel comfortable to express an idea in class unless i know im going to word it perfectly. When I write essays I always skirt around the task tweeking the wording a lot, and approaching the question from various angles simultaneously, but then getting caught up in tiny details and tangents before getting to the core. In effect it is a disproportionate sacrifice of efficiency over being thorough.

I'm not depressed, But I sometimes ruminate, have trouble sleeping (for which I take 5mg clonazepam), sometimes i feel anxious about starting difficult tasks.

For those of you who can relate to such a situation im interested to know if you think I should take a low dose of an SSRI.... Im particularly interested if anyone has any experience with how SSRIs might have effected your ability to write and focus in an academic setting..

05-01-14, 06:45 AM
None of the anti depressants I've tried (both SSRIs and SNRIs) helped me with focus but they did help me tons with OCD like tendencies, rumination and obsessing and anxiety.

05-01-14, 06:59 AM
if rumination, obsessing, and being anxious are all things that can themselves be quite distracting. I thought it should help indirectly. Allowing the dex to do its job of allowing me to concentrate but take the OCD edge off

05-01-14, 09:30 AM
They ( or similar ) may assist, taking the intensity out of work and making it more like putting on your shoes kind of thing... though the interaction with dex i'm not so sure about...

First I'd suggest macro goalsetting and act... with a possible dex increase... also, finding a class partner... to bounce drafts off can put some direction / momentum into your output... though... i do understand that our default modus operandi is strictly solo ...

Either way... this should be tackled on both fronts... Do you have a good doctor? Do you have splaces and people to turn to for specific application guidance?

Hope you gain some grip and stomp your stamp and slang your thang ;)