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05-01-14, 03:50 PM
Hi im new to this forum so hi all fellow Adhd;rs

wanted to ask a question close to my heart.
I have Adhd, tourettes, ocd and depression and anxity issues diagonsed at age of 5.. sorry if i have got spellings wrong bad at words.
Im on 4mg of antipsycotic Risperidone
40mg antidepressent Paroxiatine
40 mg anxity pill propanolol
and finally 20mg a day ritalin.
now my question is dose anyone else on risperidone have no emotions or feelings, i was put on it to control my tics and a very bad adhd temper that used to get out of control.
now i dont mind not feeling any anger but have lost feelings of love,laughing,happyness etc so im now basiclly a boring quite person now instead of being the guy you would always like to meet, i used to be so happy and full of life but now just numb all time.
i have used drugs to self medicate in the past ( i took myself off meds for 8 years after leaving school ) like smoking pot which calmed my racing adhd brain down and helped me sleep,coke just made me feel invincable so only touched twice as i no if i continued it i would of been addicted, speed-meph-mdma just made me feel normal and even used to go to work on the stuff. now adays i only touch the odd joint as i got older seemed not to crave things to keep me normal as im on loads of prescibtion drugs.
My problem of late has been my ritalin. i cant stop snorting it even snorted 700mg last week which i googled and found out is a deadly amount.
the effect is soothing on my adhd brain helps me concertrate and focus and feel normal. when i take them normally orally it brings on a state of my hyperactivty where i cant sit still have to move around like built up energy wanting to eplode out of me. now i have seen my dr and told him about snorting it and aside from wanting to not give me them no more he surgested maybe moving on to dexamfetamine which he said will give me a stronger calming effect which i crave or going the whole non sim med route which i told him would lead me back on to weed or speed to feel normal.
does anyone else have a problem with med use that can relate coz i feel like my old chatty self on high amounts of ritalin but due to risperidone etc i feel numb and useless when not on it. i just dont want to be chasein a normal state all time and doing my whole prescription in under a week of ritalin, i have always hated my adhd but the older i get the more i enjoy life and just relax more so think that helps my life style. my life all went tits up when i had a nervus brakedown 10 months ago and lost something i have abused my whole life-- my hyperactivaty has gone no more endlass energy and always able to do more than other people..... when i lost my hyperactive side of my adhd i felt so lost. can anyone relate losing it when you get older, my brain still fires 1000k a second just not rest of my body no more.
Cheers ahead for info and advice

05-01-14, 05:51 PM
my friend... you're in a somewhat temperamental situation with your med mix and situation... ( as i'm sure you know )

part of me wonders about your doc... if they are doing what's necissary ( kind of like changing oil filters when an engine needs new gaskets )...

down and dirty... addiction will only be address by addiction treatment providers... which IMHO your doc should have reffered you to...

there is a mental hook that is beyond conditions... and even id the resp. is playing a role in your "lack of response"... you'll have to dig down to the hook and give yourself coping tools, your brain some slack time...

either a more comprehensive mental health team ( as there will need to be delecate changes to the medmix to get you to the other side as smooth as poss.. ) ... or an addiction support group... would be best my friend...


05-02-14, 03:02 AM
What you need is rehab and an addiction specialist. It doesnt matter if you have adhd and ritalin makes it better, or if snorting it works better than swallowing it. The facts are that you are taking way beyond your prescribed dose in a nonprescribed way. This is drug abuse. This doesnt make you an awful, evil person it just means that the only way you will ever get better and be able to soberly address the adhd is if you receive rehab and help stopping the ritalin and starting treatment from scratch. Have you told anyone else about this? What about your doctor? In some cases being on the wrong drug sort of makes drug abuse more prevalent but when you get on the right drug its a non issue. Some people that are addicted to ritalin do fine on amphetamines.
And the idea that taking ritalin orally makes it worse than insuffalating it is nothing but a psychological thing. It doesnt work better, but you have trained yourself to believe this. I urge you to get help asap.

05-03-14, 12:53 AM
In addition to any other mental health or lifestyle adjustments you make, I'd also suggest you look into phasing out the risperidone: its an atypical anti-psychotic that basically blocks every freaking dopamine and serotonin receptor.

What this means for you/an ADDer (risperidone blocks these so think of the opposites:

1. blocking dopamine= no motivation, no pleasure, no hope, fatigue, akithisia (restless leg syndrome and general restlessness), tremors, movement issues, sexual issues, the list goes on for miles. (As a side note, using this family of medications for a long time is more likely to create tics and physio-behavioral pathologies that you're prescribed it to "prevent". Anger is a cognitive and behavioral problem, not a neuro-chemical one, so it requires actual modification of your thoughts and behaviour. Unlike ADHD, it never requires medication!

2. blocking serotonin: I don't have the same understanding of serotonin antagonism but I know that serotonin is important to feeling happy and optimistic, sleep, social cohesion, and probably many other things that are important towards a balanced person/life. Serotonin antagonism is really only good for treating serotonin syndrome/toxicity and certain cases of chemo-induced nausea.

It blocks a lot of other stuff, which only makes my case. Doctors in America (I'm in Canada btw) tend to serial diagnose people with multiple pathologies (often contradictory) and treat with polypharmacy (also often contradictorily). You're probably not feeling the Ritalin because it has a very short half-life (much shorter than risperidone's) and the risperidone keeps the dopamine receptors blocked so your Ritalin is basically useless. Ritalin stops the recycling of dopamine so it can hang around and be accessible to your brain for a longer amount of time.

Here's an analogy: say you arrive at work in a tall building with a presentation you still need to polish. Ritalin is like that kid that presses all the buttons to give you more time to get it done (he probably needed some Ritalin!). Risperidone is the terrorist who cuts the elevator wires and kills you (and vicariously, your brain).

Do yourself a huge favor: get rid of the anti-psychotic(s). They are the complete opposite of what ANY person with ADHD needs according to current thinking of ADHD. Until people with ADHD are discovered to require additional and severe physical/mental debillitation and have their will to live, enjoy pleasure in life, and feel good about themselves all simultaneously taken away, then lets keep away from the lobotomies in a pill known as antipsychotics/neuroleptics/major tranquiliz(zzzzzzzz)ers/etc.

We've already got enough problems without new issues caused by them. Also, get a new doctor. What a JAka$$!

05-03-14, 08:23 AM
Thanks all for your replys. First off I have to stress I have seen my gp and has agreed to slowly take me off the risperidone which has seemed to cause me the most trouble with me not feeling emotions and wanting to self med on my ritalin. Im not changing my gp as I have been with her for ages and she is the only gp in my area that listens to me and understands my adhd. She has even really supportive with me other years and helped my stop smoking weed and doing meph. She suggested that I have a holiday off the ritalin while im reducing my risperidone dosage to see if my emotions come back and feel more like me. It dose seem to me that while I stopped being an angry person on risperidone it took away the part of me that enjoys life. Gp said if I want dexafetamine I will need to prove I can control my impulses to self med when I get low and go to an addiction clinic at least once and she will maybe then prescribe it as she knew when I did meph an speed it worked really well to control my adhd symptoms. Thats why I love my gp she is really helpful and understanding not like a lot of people I hear have trouble with there gp. I will keep you all informed of how my month goes being sober from ritalin and antipsycotics and let you no if my feelings come back. Thanks again for listening and reply guys. Richy

05-05-14, 07:59 AM
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