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05-03-14, 07:11 AM
Hello everyone,

My name is Emma and I am 34-years-old.

First post. Briefly, I am a mother of 4 children (16-6) and I'm an entrepreneur, my husband is one, as well. Needless to say, we are very busy people.

I have a few autoimmune diseases, which I have had my entire life. My childhood was less than stellar. Lot of religious trauma (raised in cult-categorized religious organization: these people know the Bible & I spent from as long as I can remember waiting on the impending Apocalypse.)

I have, and still, suffer from extreme social anxiety, run away from conflict, so disorganized, try & fail miserably at multitasking, mind never "shuts off", so insomnia is an issues, I was diagnosed with depression and OCD after pulling all of my hair from my scalp at age 5, I love to read, but I will finish a large chapter of a biography, i.e., & I have no clue what I read, I move constantly, can't devote myself to watching movies-can't stay still that long, along with the OCD, I have also been diagnosed with clinical depression.

I desperately try to "forge thru" no matter what, but being a business owner makes my ability to prioritize even more daunting of a task, as each one has a triple-! label.

I went to my internist because in the past decade, we have tried every anti-depressant, but he has been suspicious that this is more related to ADD or ADHD. From what he knows about my entire life, I have probably always had one or the other. Like a great doctor, he wanted me to see someone with a higher level in that cat. of expertize here in Austin, TX. My internist is wondering/as am I if a stimulant would be beneficial for me in more ways than one, as I have had to take very strong opioid meds as needed, and some studies are suggestion from my research that with proper instruction/dosage/and usage, My ADD will be controlled and my need for such meds will change dramatically. Obviously with my large family and career, I would love it if I could find something to take charge of my mind, allow me to network with more ease, stay FOCUSED, better organization, ease the awful on-going depression that I have tried to shake with or without medication-running, Zumba, Yoga, doc approved herbal medications, daily supplemental vitamins, you name it :)

My stress and task level as reached a point that is pushing me past my limit, and I am excited to speak with a psychiatrist, as I have always known it would be of great benefit for my family within my own self-improvement.

I would love to know if anyone knows of a psychiatrist within the Austin, TX (preferably North Austin, but I will drive-it's so severe) or the San Marcos Area (my retail location is located within San Marcos, TX, so that might be an option).

Any recommendations would be so very helpful: since i have yet to ever visit a doctor of this kind, I have the usual silly "will I be judged" fears-which goes double for me bc I have a BA in Psych.

Again, I sincerely appreciate any help in locating this doc or even any suggestions. I have on average 28 (was 35) business tasks per/day, I am CFO, Social Media Director, basically, I am the ship of our family business, and even though we haven't been open a year just yet, our bank BBVA has stated that our productivity is at the stage of a "on it's way" start-up during year 3, if that gives you any indicator at how hectic life is, presently.

Thanks Again & Best Regards To All!
:)-Emma Clark-Green

05-04-14, 06:41 AM

These are what I found here. On the other anxiety/issues you have I strongly recommend therapy. You mentioned you were/are in a cult but I wasnt sure if you have abandoned those teachings or not. Very often when people are raised in a cult they start out being trained to unquestionably believe the teachings they were taught. They may get to a point where they question these things and, depending on the cult, they will either be strong armed into staying, or shunned and these can both be emotionally battering. You didnt say if you had left the cult so I wasnt sure. The reason I suggest therapy is that you need to separate what is you, and what is as a result of the cult. Chances are you havent developed a true sense of self because the cult has surpressed that part of you and you need to get in touch with yourself to become well.