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05-03-14, 09:08 AM
Feeling really down today. I Regretfully made a huge mistake at work the other day and I am feeling at a loss. It was really busy and I did work 12 hours including overtime the day before and also realizing in hindsight that I felt pretty out of it.

I work in finance and I am usually pretty consistent in my performance especially during the late fall and winter months. But springtime has always historically been for me a time of depression, mood swings and poor concentration. And I have made a few mistakes in past years and usually it's during the springtime.

In my thirties, I am emotionally flat mostly due to add meds (which is totally fine by me :-)) so no mood issues, but over the past 2 weeks especially I have felt foggy and my short term memory has been off. Also, of note I have had really poor balance the past 2 weeks and my writing skills have declined.

I take 10mg of Strattera and that seems to help but I am also wondering if allergies may have played a role in this.

1. What types of medications if any do you take for allergies?

2. How does it affect you cognitively?

3. Does it interact with your add or other medications?

05-04-14, 06:34 AM
I take OTC allegra and have no had any issues with my other meds.

05-04-14, 12:40 PM
Thanks for the suggestion :). I am making an appt with an allergist next week. I am also going to see if medication for PMS will help as well.

05-04-14, 12:41 PM
.... and I am going to go gluten free as I just found out I have a wheat allergy.

05-04-14, 01:48 PM
I take OTC allegra and have no had any issues with my other meds.

I also take Allegra and haven't noticed any bad reactions with my other meds. On bad allergy days, I feel foggy, tired, grumpy, and I get horrible headaches.

05-04-14, 02:28 PM
Thank you Wyleops. I see from your other posts that you are a manager. My manager may also have ADHD, and I also think that is why he is a good manager. It takes one to know one sometimes and so I hope he senses my issues (I will never divulge) and is more understanding than other supervisors and managers I have had in the past. I am very good at my job, I just have occasional lapses in performance in springtime/fall.

05-05-14, 08:28 PM
Thanks. :)

The worst part about allergy fog is that I never realize what's going on. Then someone will complain about how bad their allergies have been and it clicks in my head. Oh, yeah, that's what's wrong with me.