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05-03-14, 09:15 PM
My meds have been messed up. 2 months ago, the lithium I was taking was damaging my kidneys. I was taking Lithium, Seroquel, and Asenapine (Saphris). My pdoc tapered me off the lithium and tapered me onto Abilify at the same time. I was experiencing anxiety so she added Risperidone. The week the lithium was discontinued, she also discontinued the Saphris.

So the changes have finally stopped, I've been on these dosages for almost 2 weeks, and I don't see my psych team for almost 3 more weeks. Obviously, if things go bad I will call them and get in sooner, they're really good about that. I am on 400 mg of Seroquel, 6 mg of Abilify, and 1 mg of Risperidone. I want to go off the Risperidone but she won't let me yet. She wants me stable for 3 months first.

When the kidney problems and everything started, I got this extreme fatigue. I couldn't stay up later than 9 PM. Normally I go to bed at midnight. This fatigue is starting to lift, I think. At least last night, I went to bed at 11 and didn't feel too tired. Right now, it's just after 9 and I'm a little tired but not nearly like it was.

This question has no answer, but I really hope it's just the meds levelling off and not an impending hypo or manic episode. A sleep disturbance is always one of the first signs for me, and I haven't been sleeping well lately.

05-03-14, 09:33 PM
Have you had a sleep study before? I'm not saying it will solve all your problems, but a lot of times, sleep issues go hand in hand w/ ADHD or Bipolar Disorder...

05-03-14, 09:44 PM
I'm still trying to tease apart what might be ADHD symptoms and what are bipolar symptoms.

I've never had a sleep study done. I don't know how receptive my pdoc would be. The sleep issues aren't continuous, it just hits me in patches. Right now it's anxiety at night that affects my sleep. And probably the med change, I'm sure the lithium at least helped me sleep.

05-04-14, 06:03 AM
A sleep study can be an invaluable tool and you dont need your p-doc to approve of this, You would need to see a sleep specialist (most often a pulminologist), I feel like most people could benefit from a sleep study at least once. I am BPII and have had sleep issues most of my life, I had a sleep study years ago and it was eye opening. I was able to develop a sleep hygiene plan that works for me and although its nazi-like, it works 90% of the time. You are on 2 antipsychotics which confuses me a little. Did your doctor explain why you needed a standard antipsychotic and an anytypical antipsychotic? I am not saying your doctor is wrong, I am no doctor, but I was just wondering. For me, my BPII is treated with an SNRI, a mood stabilizer and an atypical antipsychotic.

05-04-14, 10:13 AM
I've tried all of the regular mood stabilizers. Lamictal I got the deadly rash, Lithium damaged my kidneys, Depakote made me forgetful and so foggy and and out of it that the pdoc won't try it again. I know there are other mood stabilizers, but my pdoc hasn't suggested them yet. Her current plan is to use the Seroquel as a mood stabilizer and to hopefully work against manic episodes, and the Abilify to help with depression. The Risperidone was added as an afterthought and I probably won't stay on it long term.

I'll look into getting a sleep study done.

Just curious, which one's the standard antipsychotic and which one's the atypical?